Item # 107449

Rogue Leather Shoulder Guards

Handcrafted, genuine leather LARP armor

  • Leather shoulder guards, 4-piece
  • With 2 shoulder guards
  • With 2 straps with buckles
  • Without any other costume pieces or accessories shown
Our Rogue leather shoulder guards are handcrafted and designed to move when you do. Their straight edges and lack of decoration give them a look of brute strength, but they are constructed for wearing comfort. Two separate shoulder guards – one for left and one for right – are attached to each other with long leather straps and buckles that lead from a crescent plate. The adjustable straps form a circle that goes from one shoulder to the opposite arm pit and back – at the end they are crossed at the front and back.

Made of three separate plates of black, approx. 2-3 mm thick leather, the Rogue shoulder guards themselves are attached to the crescent plate with lacing. The plates are riveted together to make these shoulder guards articulated. You will have complete freedom of arm movement in your black leather Rogue shoulder guards – enough to overpower an unsuspecting victim!

Genuine leather
79,90 €
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