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Payment Methods

Just invoice me! We offer a wide range of payment options to make shopping at MASKWORLD as easy and stress-free as possible.

Invoice  PayPal  Amazon Pay
SOFORT Überweisung  Credit Card    C.O.D.    Advance Payment


We send your order immediately. Upon delivery of your package you’ll receive an invoice you can settle at your leisure within 10 days via bank transfer.

  • No extra fees
  • Order may not exceed a total order value of €1,500 – new customers included*
  • You have up to 10 days to pay for your costume
More Information:
  • Applicable in Germany, Austria and Switzerland only
  • Delivery and invoice address in one of these countries
  • Credit check required
  • Technical implementation through our partner Payolution


You will be redirected to PayPal at the end of the order procedure. After we have received confirmation of your payment from PayPal we will send your costume immediately.

  • No extra fees
  • Your choice of payment method via PayPal
  • Quick & easy transaction
More Information:
  • Free PayPal account necessary

Amazon Pay

When in our shopping cart you log in to your account at Amazon. You now can access all your payment methods and addresses. After we have received confirmation of your payment from Amazon, we will send your costume immediately.

  • No extra fees!
  • Complete the check-out process with just a few mouse clicks
  • No need to enter bank data or shipping address again
  • Amazon vouchers or positive balance on your account apply
  • Immediate shipping of your order
More Information:
  • Free Amazon account necessary
  • Tried and tested guarantee for payments and security by Amazon

SOFORT Überweisung

You will be redirected to SOFORT Überweisung at the end of the order procedure, where you enter your online banking credentials. We will receive confirmation of your payment simultaneously and we will send your costume immediately.

  • Payment without any delay
  • Immediate shipping of your order
  • No extra fees
  • No registration neccessary
More Information:
  • Protection of Privacy certified by TÜV
  • PIN and TAN neccessary

Credit Card

Payment will be automatically charged to your card as soon as your order is sent.

  • No extra fees
  • High security with SSL encryption
  • Easy, automatic payment
More Information:
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Cash on Delivery

We will send your order immediately, and you pay in cash when the mail carrier delivers your package.

  • Order and pay without a credit card or PayPal
  • Without credit check
  • You pay for it when you get it
More Information:
  • Applies to orders in Germany
  • Only cash accepted at your doorstep (post office: EC card payment possible)
  • plus € 6.90 (standard shipping) or € 14.90 (express) in Germany
  • there is no additional surcharge on receipt in Germany

Advance Payment

As soon as the money has been credited to our account, we’ll ship your order as quickly as possible.

  • No extra fees
More Information:
  • By phone only

**“Total order value“ means that the total value of your open order shall not exceed €1,500. For example, if you ordered costumes worth €750 yesterday on invoice, you may only order a maximum of €750 on invoice today.

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