Privacy Policy

1. Collection and processing of personal data

In order for us to process your order we have to store certain kinds of data. First of all, this is your address or the data necessary for certain methods of payment. Within the process of executing you order, your address information will be linked to the data concerning your order (articles, quantity, price etc.). Your email address or your fax number will be used to supply you with an acknowledgement of your order, our terms of contract and further information, solely concerning your order. In addition to this, we use your personal data for customer care purposes, for instance for the delivery of our newsletter via email or a catalogue of our products via ordinary mail. You may opt not to receive this information anymore any time by calling us or by sending us an email, a fax or a written letter.

2. Forwarding of personal data

During the steps necessary to process your order, your personal data will only be forwarded to companies which assist us in processing your order. All data concerning your shipping address is forwarded to our delivery companies and is deleted after delivery.

3. “Cookies”

This website uses “cookies”, provided that you choose to accept them. Cookies are used by us because they are essential to the ordering process.

In addition to this, we use cookies for the purpose of statistical analysis for instance with regard to the number of visitors and sites visited. We assure you that in this regard no personal data, like for example your name or your address, will be collected or stored. This data will only be processed anonymously or by use of an alias.

4. Right of Objection

According to the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG, German Federal Data Protection Act) if certain conditions are fulfilled, you have a right to have the data stored in our files corrected, blocked or deleted. At any rate, you have a right to be informed about the personal data stored on you.

5. Legality of data processing and use of data

According to the BDSG the processing and use of personal data is allowed if the BDSG or another provision allows it or if the customer agreed to the use of his or her data. The BDSG always allows the processing and use of data, if it is done within the purpose of a contract or a similar legal relationship based on mutual trust. The processing of personal data is also allowed, if it is necessary for the protection of legitimate interests of the place storing the data or of a third person, for instance an addressee, and if there is no reason to suspect that the protectable interests of the person concerned with regard to the exclusion of such processing or use prevail or if such prevailing interests actually exists.

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