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Item # 111602

Bloody Fiesta Skeleton

Included in delivery
  • Costume, 4-piece
  • With full mask
  • With rib cage shirt
  • With a pair of skeleton hands
  • Without any other costume pieces or accessories shown
Product Description
Scary, creepy Bloody Fiesta Skeleton costume: the bones are exposed. Costume includes full mask, rib cage shirt and bones hands. Perfect for Halloween and horror.

We don't exactly know how this poor soul lost his skin, muscles and tendons. Or what force is still keeping him alive. What we do know is that he looks cheerful. And scary.

Our Bloody Fiesta Skeleton costume is not for people who like things neat and tidy. Or grim and serious. The latex full mask is a skull dripping with blood. Some of the throat muscles are still hanging on, but the rest is gone. This bloody fiesta skeleton still has a full set of teeth and they are set in a big grin. For the perfect illusion, the eye sockets are covered with black theater scrim: you can see out but they can't see in. The black, short sleeve t-shirt has been shredded open to expose the entire rib cage – front and back. A panel of rib cage bones in low relief – painted to look very realistic – is sewn into both sides of the shirt. Approx 50 cm long, the bones hands fit even full-grown men. You pull them on like gloves. Wear this Bloody Fiesta Skeleton costume to your next horror party and enjoy the amazed looks you get.

100% cotton with pieces made of latex
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