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Joan of Arc Costume

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  • Jeanne d'Arc costume one piece
  • without necklace, sword and shoes
Product Description
Raffinated, 1-piece costume designed like a suit of armour or armour including skirt. Impressive!

Jeanne d'Arc, also known as Joan of Arc, lived in the 15th century and was a fiercely defiant woman who went down in the history books as a brave warrior. Her defensive nature is therefore also reflected in this impressive costume, which thanks to its clever details is very appealing. At first glance, hardly anyone would suspect that the costume is a, 1-piece outfit, but that's exactly what it is! But that's exactly what it is!

The upper part of the costume is designed like armour, like a suit of armour: Grey glitter and silver, velvety shimmering surfaces provide the metallic look, while three layers of softly padded fabric form the shoulder armour and the sleeves give the impression of chain mail. Filigree gold trims run along the padded cups and flank the fleur-de-lis, further gold trims are found above the peplums and also adorn the sleeves. The zip at the back, which reaches down into the skirt, ensures that Joan of Arc can slip into her disguise even without an entourage.

The red, velvety skirt is sewn to the "body armour" and is slightly slit at the front (left and right), which is extremely conducive to freedom of movement. And on top of that, the wearer of the Joan of Arc costume can - if necessary - also show a bit of leg to convince stubborn fellows and simplify difficult negotiations!

100% polyester
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Joan of Arc Costume
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