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Fairy Tale Prince Costume

Included in delivery
  • Costume, 6-piece
  • With long sleeve surcoat
  • With cape
  • With boot tops
  • With belt
  • With latex crown
  • With metal brooch
  • Without shoes
Product Description
Once upon a time, there was a fairy tale prince whose clothes reflected all the facets of his power and prestige. This prince was not only loved by his subjects because of his gentle temperament – he had such good taste in clothes that the entire court waited in the throne room every morning to see what the prince was wearing that day.

Today, he is wearing a surcoat in royal blue crushed velvet printed with a coat of arms that shows a lion rampant, a crown, and eagle wings on a background of yellow and red. The front insert and sleeves are made of silver & black stretch imitation chain mail, and the sleeve cuffs are bracers made of brown imitation leather edged in gold. The boot tops, which are knee high, are made of the same brown imitation leather as the sleeve cuffs.

On the one hand, it look like this fairy tale prince is ready for battle. On the other, you can't get much more romantic than a dashing, velvety red cape with fake ermine trim on the collar and hem. The cape fastens with a button at the shoulder, and you can cover it over with the brooch of golden metal. A brown imitation leather belt with metal eyelets and a metal buckle, and an imposing crown of molded latex featuring crosses and fleurs de lis and set with red rhinestones are the crowning glory for any fairy tale prince.

100% polyester
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Fairy Tale Prince Costume
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