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Item # 113786

Sexy comrade costume

Included in delivery
  • Sexy comrade costume 5-piece
  • with dress
  • with cap
  • with a pair of boot tops
  • with belt with a set of shot glasses
  • without other costume parts and accessories
Product Description
Hot despite freezing cold: Sexy comrade costume in white with dress, with cap, with belt, with boot tops.

As the saying goes: no one can refuse a glass in honour! And especially not when it's served in this lovely variation:

This Sexy Comrade costume may come in innocent snowy white, but it's so hot that even arctic temperatures are quickly forgotten. The super short-cut dress in uniform style is made of panne velvet-like material. It has a low neckline and is trimmed at the cuffs, collar and hem with a wide fur trim in polar bear fur look. The waist is accentuated by the wide belt. It has a leather look and closes with a decorative golden buckle. Three loops are attached to the belt, which serve as a holder for the shot glasses. To complete the outfit of the sexy comrade, there is a pair of faux fur brims with which you can easily decorate your boots. The head of the beautiful Russian is adorned with a faux fur cap emblazoned with the red and gold coat of arms of the former Soviet Union. Nastrovje!

  • Sexy Comrade costume, 5-piece
  • With dress
  • With cap
  • With a pair of boot cuffs
  • With belt and set of shot glasses
  • Without any other costume pieces or accessories shown
100% Polyester
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69,99 €
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