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Sexy Black Kitten Costume
Sexy Black Kitten Costume Sexy Black Kitten Costume
Sexy Black Kitten Costume
Sexy Black Kitten Costume Sexy Black Kitten Costume
Item # 202679 (4)

Sexy Black Kitten Costume

Enchanting costume for feline mystique

Included in delivery
  • Sexy Black Kitten, 5-piece
  • With jumpsuit
  • With belt
  • With eye mask
  • With a pair of gloves
  • Without any other costume pieces or accessories shown
Product Description
Sizzling! Sexy costume á la catwoman with black, wet look jumpsuit, belt, gloves and a mysterious eye mask for a breathtaking look.

This kitten is devastatingly attractive. And she plays a hard game of cat and mouse.

A backless black jumpsuit in tantalizing wet-look forms the basis of our Sexy Black Kitten costume. Its stretchy material keeps it fitting snug and sexy on your body. Cut like a diamond, the neckline is an absolute highlight of the outfit, as are the zipper on the front and strap applications in all the right places. A stand-up collar both brings out this cat woman's beautiful face while guiding wandering eyes back to the sizzling neckline.

And that's only the front. From the shoulders to the hips, it's nothing but back. Two criss-crossed straps repeat on the back while reinforcing the cat suit's martial prowess and preventing it from sliding down.

Made of lightly coated foam padding, the belt sits on the hips, flattering the sexy kitten's supple movements. Half-length gloves with reinforced gauntlets wrap her naughty paws in deep black, finishing off this feline ensemble perfectly. For the mystique every femme fatale needs, the eye mask in cat eye style does just the trick.

90% polyester, 10% elastane
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Sexy Black Kitten Costume
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