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The Eagle Legionary Tunic

Licensed original product from "The Eagle" historical epic movie

Included in delivery
  • Legionary tunic, 1-piece
  • Without any other costume pieces or accessories shown
Product Description
Legionary tunic made of 100 percent cotton in historically accurate red color and Roman legionary tunic cut: comfortable and wide. Licensed original product from "The Eagle" historical epic movie

In the epic movie "The Eagle" from 2011, Roman centurion Marcus Flavius Aquila pushes forward far into the north of Britain to regain his family's honor. Underneath his armor, he wore a tunic like this one.

Our original, licensed product from "The Eagle" historical epic movie is made of 100 percent cotton in deep wine red. The fabric is rustic but comfortable to wear, and this legionary tunic is characterized by rugged charm. The hem and sleeve ends are raw and fringe quickly to achieve the authentic look of a real legionary from a Roman garrison. The neckline has been turned under and sewn to make it easy to put our legionary tunic from "The Eagle" on. The wide cut allows plenty of freedom of movement – after all, a soldier's work consists of swinging, thrusting and pounding. And legionary tunics were red to hide the blood stains they acquired in battle.

100% cotton
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The Eagle Legionary Tunic
5 out of 5 stars
  • verified purchase
    Very nice tunic, exactly as described. Dark ish red colour very pretty. Its a bit on the bigsize side but i guess these tunics were not supposed to be tight anyways. You need a belt or something like it.
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