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Friday the 13th Jason Hockey kids costume

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Product Description
Even if you're not usually much into sports, Jason can make you go into raptures. Every fan of the muscular hulk with the well-trained batting hand can now join "Team Jason" with the Jason Hockey kids' costume. The air-permeable original hockey shirt with ribbed collar and typical oversize has bright red stripes on the sleeves, back and chest area. On the front and on the sleeves is additionally sewn the unmistakable logo of the fighting machine: the battered hockey mask. On the back is a big red 13 and the name "Voorhees", which is our hero Jason's last name. The half mask made of latex is painted in detail and is held on the back of the head by an elastic band. The mask wearer enjoys eye openings and sufficient breathing holes. The left eye is darkened by a transparent net, because Jason's eye has already been damaged a little by a few fights. But that's what we fans love him for! Our leather tunic warrior is truly stylish and comfortable. Made of genuine suede, the green tunic has five functional buckles on the front to open and close it. Golden rivets line the edges of the joined leather sections, giving the tunic a particularly fortified look. The sleeves are attached to the tunic, but they can also be removed completely, depending on your preference. At the sides, the leather tunic warrior is laced approximately to the hips and can even be opened completely at the sides. Due to its thickness of approx. 1.5 mm, the suede falls beautifully soft and lies very comfortably on the body. A garment that will delight its wearer.

PLEASE NOTE: The leather tunic warrior can also be worn by warriors without any problems, but it should then be ordered one size larger.

Since the early 80s, the moustachioed plumber from Japan has been delighting video game fans all over the world. No wonder, the chic outfit of the bouncing handyman is timeless after all. The comfortably stretchy full-body suit is a combination of blue dungarees and red top that closes at the back with a Velcro fastener. The braces are made of robust foam and are held in place by two giant buttons, just like the agile role model. The familiar "M" is emblazoned on the bright red cap, and the white satin-knit gloves are held in place with elastic bands. Because no one can come up with the video game hero's considerable belly size so quickly, the set comes with an inflatable belly that you simply tuck into the front of your suit. An exaggerated beard to stick on rounds off the Super Mario children's costume. Princess Daisy is as good as saved! The world-famous Cossacks emerged from a large community of late medieval defensive farmers, part of whom got their name affix from the Don River. Our Don Cossack costume shows the typical traditional uniform of these Russian resistance fighters. The nobly shimmering, velvety top is decorated with gold-coloured braids at the front and has discreet shoulder pads. The uniform jacket is closed at the front with hidden metal eyelets. The velvety trousers have a trouser pocket and are fastened with a button and zip. The shimmering black cape is worn over one shoulder only and is fastened at the neck with two generous cords. It is trimmed with fluffy fake fur and decorated with gold-plated buttons. A soft fur hat protects against the icy winds of the Russian tundra. A suit that would make the entire cast of the local pop circus turn green with envy - Guildo Horn and company included. The pop singer's sequin suit in turquoise is a real eye-catcher and shines like a living disco ball. No wonder, because the jacket and trousers are covered with turquoise sequins that reflect the light in all directions. The classically cut jacket with slightly wider lapels has three front buttons and decorative seam pockets. The suit trousers, on the other hand, have functional side pockets and are fastened with a button and front zipper. The very wide flare is a credit to any disco dancer of the 70s, which is why our crooner sequin suit will attract all eyes not only at carnival but also at pop and 70s parties. Troy was an immensely wealthy city, which is why our Sexy Trojan Costume also shines with rich adornments. This asymmetrical faux leather mini dress has a shimmering gold fabric hem at the neckline and a striking diagonal strap studded with gold-plated metal plates. Also made of gold-plated metal is the solid ring that connects the two frontal straps to the single back strap. A silky, shimmering red cape on the back can be heroically gathered via a hidden Velcro fastener, completely concealing the discreet back zip. Numerous metal studs adorn the long caddis, and an underskirt of white stretch protects against too much legroom. With the golden hair band and the flashing bracers made of fluffy fabric, you will even outshine Helen of Troy's beauty. Finally, the dusty cliché of the old-fashioned cleaning woman has been cleared up! Cleaning ladies - and we know this at the latest after seeing this exciting costume - are sexy. Admittedly, not every cleaning company equips its employees with such work clothes, but one is allowed to let one's imagination wander...

Our Sexy Cleaning Lady costume consists of a skin-tight, one-piece bodysuit that simply slips over the body. It is made of black stretch material with an attached, shimmering skirt that is ruched in the middle at the back. The underskirt is also sewn to the costume and is made of white, translucent mesh fabric. There is an underwired bra at the top, the edge of which is trimmed with white fishnet, which also finishes off the skirt at the bottom. A white bow adorns the neckline and a skimpy apron can also be tied around the waist.

Completing our Sexy Cleaning Lady costume are white ruffle pants with an elastic waistband, a hairband with a bow and a pair of elegant satin gloves in black.

The traditional work clothes of geishas are kimonos, loose robes that are anything but body-hugging. Our Sexy Geisha Dress, on the other hand, is an exciting combination of traditional Asian dress and western evening wear. The upper part of the dress is strongly reminiscent of a kimono, with its colour-contrasting hems, the V-neckline and the indicated cap sleeves on which mystical characters are sewn. With longitudinal seams at the sides, the geisha dress turns into a body-hugging evening dress below the arms, the length of which can be individually adjusted. The lacing on both sides allows it to be gathered to different degrees. The shiny leather-look bodice is particularly seductive, with lacing at the back and a sturdy hook system at the front. Fine black gloves, a necklace in braid look and especially the transparent black fan support the exotic touch of this geisha dress. An exciting combination. Spinach is one of those things. Some children love it, others don't. But even those who don't like the green vegetable can easily transform themselves into the iconic sailor with the help of our six-piece original Popeye children's costume. Of course, the handsome forearms with the characteristic anchor tattoo are indispensable and can be pulled over the arms like cuffs thanks to the elastic cuffs. But Popeye's clothes are also unmistakable: the white cap, the black shirt (with Velcro strips at the neck), the detachable red collar, the yellow belt and the blue trousers (with elastic waistband) are, after all, also trademarks of the famous sailor. The only thing missing is a can of spinach. Just because you are a ghost, you don't necessarily have to walk around with a sheet over your head. Our castle ghost is an extremely elegant representative of his ghostly guild, although the centuries have left their mark on his clothing. The long tailcoat still fits impeccably, but the sleeves and lapels already show some obvious holes, which perfectly match the faded suit colour. Underneath, the fashionable spirit of today wears a combination of shirt and shiny, fluffy waistcoat that impresses with pearl-coloured buttons. A shirt insert with sewn-on silk-look cloth conspicuously show that the castle ghost was once quite "well-heeled" during his lifetime. The suit trousers are held in place by elastic and are also frayed at the trouser legs. The noble gloves do not slip a millimetre from the ghost's hand thanks to a press-stud. The pale face is stylishly framed by a flowing white wig made of synthetic hair and a towering top hat. With our castle ghost kids costume, it's far too bad to just haunt in the dark. The Queen of Hearts kids costume is guaranteed to take your heart by storm. The sleek rococo dress shimmers nobly in the light and is adorned with playful lace at the collar and cuffs. The floor-length, intricately decorated skirt always retains its fairytale fullness thanks to its tulle underskirt. The choker with red rhinestone and the sequined tiara add radiant accents to this majestic costume. Who wants to be a princess? Billy the Kid: An outlaw or "outlaw" as he is described in the Chronicles of the Wild West. The truth about his career lies somewhere between historiography and legend. Was he an unpredictable gunslinger and murderer or just a victim of difficult, external circumstances? With our six-piece Billy the Kid costume, you can now influence the portrayal of the infamous cowboy. But one thing is certain: Billy the Kid is a dirty guy. This is shown, for example, by the surface of the grey coat, because it is deliberately finished in such a way that the coat gives the impression of being worn.

Under the coat, Billy the Kid wears a black waistcoat with sewn-in light-coloured sleeves in the colour of the shirt insert. The waistcoat has a silver chain that creates the illusion of a pocket watch stuck in the waistcoat and buttons that are functional unlike those on the coat. There is a holster on the belt with metal buckle to accommodate a shooting iron if needed. Our Billy the Kid costume is rounded off by two things that a real outlaw can't do without: The distinctive cowboy hat and the red bandana, which is great to pull over your face when robbing stagecoaches or stealing cattle.

PLEASE NOTE: The coat is a lighter, patchy grey.

. Gunfights, mail train robberies and cattle rustling were part of everyday life in the Wild West. But the same is true for all kinds of gambling. Card games such as poker and blackjack were particularly popular, and cards were played in almost every saloon in some back room. It was in just such rooms that one met gamblers trying to supplement their livelihood.

With our five-piece gambler costume, you can now slip into exactly this role. Under the neat jacket, the gambler wears an extremely handsome, dignified waistcoat made of gold and red damask. Sand-coloured shirt sleeves are sewn onto the waistcoat, which can be opened by means of buttons, and the separate shirt insert with the sewn-on, shiny wine-red tie is also in the same colour. A small horseshoe in the shape of a brooch set with decorative stones acts as a lucky man's talisman. The black hat with the wine-red hatband provides the harmonious finish to the gambler costume. With this costume, you have luck on your side!

In ganovy circles, the pinstripe pattern is simply part of good manners, which is why it can't be missing from our gangster costume, of course. The jacket has a striking red pocketkerchief in the breast pocket and is buttoned asymmetrically, which gives the top a special elegance. The bright red shirt insert is closed at the neck by a Velcro fastener and is sewn to a two-layer tie at the front, which stands out strikingly from the costume due to the colour contrast. The brightly coloured gaiters, which can be comfortably put on over any footwear, also stand out. Thanks to the flexible waistband, the suit trousers will hold up even during the wildest chase. And so that you can hide your face in style after the escape, the gangster hat is included in the costume. If the intentions are not noble, then at least the outfit is. This five-piece, unusual Southern Lady Maureen costume, which is dominated by purple and white, has a wonderfully playful elegance. The dress's magnificent hoop skirt in particular, which gets its sweeping shape from the included skirt hoop, exudes a strong presence. Over the voluminous petticoat are no less than three different layers of fabric: satin in a light shade of purple, white lace on top and satin in a dark shade of purple on the surface.

But the upper part of the dress, which is worn off-the-shoulder, is also impressive, as it is largely adorned with white lace. There is a zip at the back for easy dressing. The Southern Lady Maureen costume is completed by the matching purple hat, which is also decorated with white lace, and a pair of white gloves. Very handsome!

Normally ghosts are a runaway, but with our pompous castle ghost costume, people are more likely to gather around you. The mystically shiny rococo dress flows into a multi-layered skirt that always keeps its enthusiastically puffy shape thanks to its lush underskirt of white tulle. The generous use of white lace, some of which hangs in tatters, promotes the torn-off look common to ghosts. This ghostly look also continues in various holes, tears and the tattered lace sleeve ends. The gorgeous grey wig with classic hairstyle covers the head and is in turn covered by the hat that perfectly matches the costume. Simply spook-tacular! The charisma of this Nordic Amazon is definitely without equal. And she owes it all to our four-piece Viking Princess costume!

The central element of the outfit is the dress, with its attached golden cape and faux fur collar. The dress is particularly comfortable to wear: adjustable straps, padded cups and an elastic hem ensure that the dress fits perfectly and comfortably. The shimmering, velvety-soft skirt is adorned with fine golden trim at the overlapping part. The cuffs with finger loops are also velvety soft and are trimmed with faux fur at the upper end. That the wearer is a Viking princess is made clear by the latex headdress with red ornamental stone and martial horns, as well as the golden amulet with red ornamental stone.

The Viking princess costume seems to say: "Kneel down, stranger!"

. A gunslinger and legendary US bandit, Jesse James was once dubbed "America's Robin Hood" by President Theodore Roosevelt.

Accompanying the swashbuckling tales surrounding the figure of Jesse James is our four-piece swashbuckling Jesse James costume. The knee-length brown coat with the functional buttons decorated with stars is already exquisitely suited to a sly gunslinger. The same functional buttons also decorate the waistcoat with the sewn-on shirt insert and the sewn-on shirt sleeves. Very important for the daring appearance - just like the red neckerchief - is the holster, which can be attached to belts up to a width of about 4 cm. This costume makes you feel like Jesse James himself.

Barbarians, a staple of the fantasy genre, are commonly regarded as uncivilised, brutal and quick-tempered, but also described as brave, resilient and honest. These characteristics are also partly reflected in their clothing, as can be seen in our seven-piece barbarian costume. The tunic trimmed with fur at the shoulders hangs in tatters, as does the leopard sash wrapped around the waist. Over the leopard sash, the barbarian wears a simple belt with golden plates and Velcro strips. The headdress is made of the same material and, like the belt, is trimmed with golden plates.

The cuffs for the wrists and legs are also very simple, but have elastic cuffs to ensure they fit properly. As a special sign of strength, the barbarian wears a skull chest ornament that is attached to the tunic with a Velcro strip. With the barbarian costume, even tame office stallions become animalistic testosterone warriors!

The term "flapper" was common in the 1920s to describe women who wore not only their hair but also their skirts short and confidently defied the usual social conventions.

Self-confidence also radiates from our three-piece, black Flapper Girl costume. The focal point of the outfit is, of course, the dress. Even if you can't see it in the picture: it has a wonderfully velvety surface! The off-the-shoulder dress has a wedge-shaped, black-lined net insert with a silver and black floral pattern. The insert is lined - as are the straps - with silver and black sequins. Fringes on the rudimentary sleeves and at the bottom of the dress as well as a sewn-on belt scarf with a buckle set with sparkling decorative stones are further teasing details. The headdress with red decorative stone and black feather blends seamlessly into the harmonious overall look of the black flapper girl costume, while the long white pearl necklace adds a contrasting accent. Extravagant and chic!

Gambling was widespread in the Wild West. Card games such as poker and blackjack were particularly popular, and cards were played in almost every saloon in some back room. It was in just such rooms that one met poker players trying to make a living.

With our five-piece poker player costume, you can now slip into exactly this role. Our poker player wears an extremely handsome, dignified waistcoat made of gold and red damask. Sand-coloured shirt sleeves are sewn onto the waistcoat, which can be opened by means of buttons. The separate shirt insert with the sewn-on, shiny wine-red tie is also in the same colour. A small horseshoe in the shape of a brooch set with decorative stones acts as the poker player's talisman. The black hat with the wine-red hatband provides the harmonious finish to the poker player costume. Whether the poker player uses the wine-red elastic wristband as a visible card holder or hidden under his clothes is up to him. Clearly, with this costume you always have an ace up your sleeve!

Ninjas are silent killers, trained in Far Eastern martial arts and also skilled in the use of weapons such as the katana. The ninja's preferred colour of clothing is traditionally black, which makes them resemble almost invisible, walking shadows after dark. For this reason, our five-piece ninja costume is also mostly black. The ninja wears a black shirt and black trousers. The trousers have an elastic waistband and the buttoned leg ends have golden ribbons that can be wrapped around the calves in true style.

Over the shirt, which has a back zip, sits a front padded overcoat reminiscent of a tunic. Not only does this have gold trim, gold embellishments and a gold dragon adorning it, there is also a black hood sewn on. In combination with the black cloth that is tied over the face, this creates a face mask that only leaves the ninja's eyes free. The dress is rounded off by the golden sash, which is tied around the waist like a belt scarf. This ninja costume would make even Hattori Hanzo proud!

As is well known, the "Gothic" style takes its unmistakable cues from the fashion or appearance of vampires. What could be more obvious than to bridge the gap between "Gothic" and "Vampire" with our Gothic Vampire costume?

Our Gothic vampire costume consists of two parts. Firstly, there is the coat with attached shoulder cape and burgundy collar. This coat, which is about knee-length, is closed with the functional buttons attached to the front. The sleeves adorned with grey lace and burgundy trim add a less obtrusive colour accent that exactly anticipates the colour combination of the shirt insert: The shirt inset, which is fitted with a dressy jabot, is also adorned with grey lace and red trim as well as a decorative medallion. The shirt insert is fastened at the neck in the area of the collar with a Velcro strip. This dignified garment is worthy of a blue-blooded princess, because the four-piece princess costume also meets high standards. The sleeves alone are a very special work of art. The wine-red oversleeves are slit on one side and the slit itself is lined with a golden border. Underneath, the white, gauzy and therefore transparent sleeves are revealed. An integrated band adorned with golden ornaments holds the oversleeves together at about the level of the crook of the arm. The same, golden embellishments on a red background are also found on the skirt panel, which continues from the white dress insert adorned with golden trim.

The burgundy dress itself is of a velvety texture, and underneath the princess wears a long petticoat that provides volume under the dress. The red and gold headdress is based on a headband and also has a transparent white veil. The golden necklace with a red decorative stone completes this sublime garment. Now that's a proper skeleton! When the graveyard warden calls for the wedding of the dead, even the skeleton groom gets dressed up. Our three-piece skeleton groom costume comes in handy. The open tailcoat is decorated with small skulls and white bones are printed on the sleeves. Underneath, the skeleton groom wears a sleeveless shirt with a bow tie and cummerbund attached. Bones are also printed on the shirt, which has a back zip, forming the skeleton of the skeleton groom. The top hat has a skull mask in the form of a curtain that you can hang in front of your face if you want. If you want to add this skeleton groom costume to your disguise, answer "yes"!

Tip: You want the perfect make-up for the skeleton groom look? Then check out our professional Día de los Muertos make-up tip ! 

It's hard to imagine nowadays that poodles were once hunting dogs specialising in water hunting, and that even the fashionable lion shearing can be traced back to them. But they are extremely docile and sociable family dogs despite their cuteness. If you don't have a poodle yourself, you can still turn your dear little ones into extremely docile and sociable family pets.

The cuddly poodle baby costume consists of a one-piece bodysuit in pale pink with strong and curly "fur" on the collar, hands and feet. A small tail with a puff is also sewn on the back. The baby costume poodle has a zip at the back and can also be opened for diapering by means of buttons on the inner legs - just like baby pyjamas. The fabric hat with the big poodle ears and the little bows in the hair encloses the face with a light elastic band and is easy and quick to handle thanks to a single press stud at the neck. The small, comfortable slippers are suitable for all standard foot sizes and have an anti-slip coating on the underside.

Tame as a lamb? More like cute as a lamb! The cuddly soft suit with a little lamb's tail and blue bow has a practical back zip and even more practical press studs along the legs of the suit. This allows the suit to open completely at the bottom, not only providing easy access to the nappy in case of an emergency, but also making it easier to get dressed. The cute little lamb's head cap is closed at the neck with a press stud. The finishing touch is the little shoes, which look like the hooves of a little lamb and are equipped with an "anti-slip sole". It's hard to imagine the zoo without giraffes. And with our three-piece giraffe baby costume, the spotted cloven-hoofed animals also make their way into children's rooms at home. The cuddly soft suit with bushy giraffe tail has a practical back zip and even more practical press studs along the legs of the suit. This allows the suit to open completely at the bottom, not only providing easy access to the nappy in case of an emergency, but also making it easier to get dressed. The cute little giraffe head cap closes at the neck with a press stud, and the removable hat can be attached to the cap with Velcro strips. The little shoes, which look like the hooves of a giraffe and are equipped with an "anti-slip sole", are the finishing touch. Who doesn't know him? Elvis Aaron Presley, or Elvis for short. Also called "The King of Rock'n'Roll" or simply "King". As one of the most important, if not the most important solo artist of the 20th century, he remains alive in people's memories to this day. But not only his music was legendary, his stage outfits were almost iconic. Probably the most famous stage outfit is from his "Aloha from Hawaii" concert (14 January 1973), which was the first concert by a solo artist to be broadcast live via satellite to over 40 countries.

Our three-piece Elvis Deluxe costume is an exact replica of the dress the "King" wore at the concert. The white full-body suit is adorned with numerous colourful, shiny metallic decorative appliqués that form an eagle on the front and back. The many small golden stars, which can also be found on the slit sleeves, look like stardust, even the reinforced collar is decorated. Red inserts further emphasise the trouser legs where they have their flare. The belt is opened with the help of Velcro strips, and is decorated not only with red decorative appliqués and golden stars of various sizes, but also with golden chains of various sizes and golden eagles bearing the American flag on their chests like a shield.

The suit also has the obligatory plunging neckline (at the end of which is a small zip), which reveals the characteristic red scarf, which is worn casually around the neck and rounds off this groovy outfit.

The Master Chief is the protagonist of the successful video game series "Halo" and is also known to his fans as "Master Chief Petty Officer John-117". The character "Master Chief" is inseparably linked to a distinctive high-tech armour, which he wears during his life-threatening missions and operations.

This high-tech armour is available from us as a two-piece costume, consisting of a helmet and a full body suit. The helmet itself consists of two plastic shells that are attached to each other by Velcro strips. Foam pads inside the helmet make it comfortable to wear, and part of the visor is mirrored and only transparent from the inside. The full body suit is reinforced in the area of the chest, arms, crotch and legs in the style of armour, matching prints round off the appearance of the Master Chief Halo Deluxe costume. This ensures that the Master Chief leaves a lasting impression.

Lady Gaga is a star, there's no doubt about that. It's okay to underline that visually, as was the case with her appearance on the US casting show "American Idol" in spring 2010. Her star dress may not have been the most revealing or scandalous dress, but it is still a real eye-catcher. The skin-tight, black stretch dress features a slightly asymmetrically set star with silver threads on a white background, the outline of which continues across the entire front of the dress with sewn-on sequins. This star outline also forms the strap of the costume, to which an additional star made of soft plastic is attached. The bottom of our original licensed Lady Gaga star dress is marked by a multitude of cut-out strips of fabric that are emblematic of the star tail. These shine in metallic silver in the middle and fall in black or as rows of sequins at the sides. Everyone thinks bunnies are cute, but this one is irresistible. Our bunny black costume in the style of a butler's uniform consists of a body-hugging halter suit that has an immensely classy look thanks to its ruffled collar, large satin bow and lace trim. Over the exciting bodysuit with cute plush tail, the black bunny wears a small, skin-tight waistcoat that gives the bustier area an exciting shape. The shimmering satin gloves, finished with long rows of black buttons, are also exciting. A real eye-catcher are the two-tone bunny ears, which are conveniently worn as a headband. Count Dracula, the Prince of Darkness, is known for his somewhat old-fashioned yet elegant appearance. And what - if not the characteristic cape with stand-up collar - is considered THE fashion accessory that belongs to every Count Dracula costume? Exactly! That's why our three-piece Count Dracula costume also includes such a black cloak with stand-up collar, which is fastened here with a pretty metal chain at the neck. Under the cloak, the head vampire wears a grey waistcoat trimmed with black lace, into which shiny white shirt sleeves are sewn. Together with the shirt insert with the indicated blood-red tie, this gives the impression that the bloodsucker boss is wearing a complete shirt. Really chic, Count Dracula!

By the way: You can find even more vampire costumes in our Dracula, Nosferatu & Vampire section! Distinguished coat made of shiny brown velvet with decorative silver buttons and cuffs made of black cotton velvet, lined, open front.

The brown frock coat made of shiny velvet is the perfect wardrobe for a distinguished gentleman from times long past. The wide lapels, the decorative pockets on the sides and the tapered sleeve cuffs are trimmed with silver buttons that are artfully decorated. The frock coat does not close at the front, but is worn open. The lapels, decorative pockets and cuffs are made of matt black cotton velvet and thus contrast discreetly with the shiny brown velvet of the frock coat. The 70s were a crazy time: bell-bottoms, skin-tight clothes and endless glitter. Our musical Mama Donna costume brings back this era in a way that can't be overlooked. How could you miss the costume? After all, the skin-tight bodysuit glitters and sparkles like a disco ball. The supple stretch fabric is printed with countless stars that sparkle in a different colour depending on the light. The waist, arms and legs are spectacularly accentuated with curved stripes of golden sequins, glittering fringes decorate the shoulders and hips and fluidly emphasise every movement. Flowing movements are also made by the enormous trumpet sleeves made of fine mesh and the flashing trouser flaps, under which the included cuffs transform every pair of shoes into hot glittering kicks. And as if the musical Mama Donna costume wasn't gaudy enough, a sequined belt adds a shining highlight. Even the sun looks pale next to this costume. Four paws on the seven seas? Why not! As long as the next strong swell makes the remains of man's best friend disappear, great. Our two-piece Captain Jack dog costume is lovingly decorated with hook hand, fake human hand, dagger and belt. It is very easy to put on by the dog climbing into the legs of the suit with his front paws. The boot tops are open so that the dog continues to stand normally on its own paws. The Captain Jack dog costume is tied together at the nape of the neck, while the bandana with fancy little braids completes the outfit. Hey Jo Captain Jack! The Force is strong in this Star Wars Darth Vader costume for kids! The central element of the costume is the black suit with its shoe covers, on which the typical decorative elements are incorporated. The separate black cape is attached to the suit with Velcro strips and held in place.

Of course, a Star Wars Darth Vader costume wouldn't be a real Darth Vader costume without the distinctive mask! This half mask is held in place at the back of the head by an elasticated strap, with lots of little breathing holes to ensure a sufficient supply of air. This Star Wars Darth Vader costume for kids is completed by the textured belt, which is also included and fastens at the back with a Velcro strip. The dark side is a powerful ally!

An adorable look for all little Garfield fans: original Garfield children's costume including plush overalls and velvet paw mittens!

"Cheeky, fat, lazy and filosofish" - that's how the lovably sarcastic house cat characterises himself and everyone who knows him will agree unconditionally. Nevertheless, he has enjoyed great popularity with young and old since 1978, not in spite of, but precisely because of the aforementioned characteristics. His owner Jon likes to call his cat, who doesn't like to be spoken to about his age, the "orange bacon dumpling with stripes". If there's one thing Garfield loves above all else, it's lasagne - no wonder, since he was born in an Italian restaurant!

Our original licensed Garfield children's costume consists of a jumpsuit, a tail and a pair of mittens. The orange jumpsuit is pleasantly plush and soft, just as you would expect from a cuddly cat. The characteristic tiger stripes are on the back and it has a zip on the front. The integrated hood with Garfield headpiece presents the cuddly face of

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