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Gollum Statue halfling-size

Original licensed product from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movies

Included in delivery
  • Gollum Statue halfling-size, 2-piece
  • With Gollum statue
  • With separate base incl. screws
Product Description
This halfling-size statue of Gollum is an original licensed product from the Lord of the Rings movies by Peter Jackson The Gollum statue including base is approx. 62 cm high.

Gollum was born a hobbit and was originally called Sméagol. But they drove him out of his village after he killed his cousin in a fight over the One Ring, and his exile turned him into a distrustful, tricksy, evil creature. He lived like a hermit, alone in the caves and tunnels that protected him from the sun, for almost 500 years. And then he lost his treasured ring to the hobbit Bilbo Baggins.

Our halfling-size Gollum statue is also a real treasure. True, he is crouching so he looks smaller than he is, but halflings are not known for their height anyway. Instead, the figure made of high quality plastic impresses viewers because of its hand painted details. From the dirt under his fingernails and the bones and muscles that form Gollum's body to the imperfections in his skin caused by a long term lack of exposure to sunlight, our halfling-size Gollum statue is very realistic. And he even has long, stringy synthetic hair and is wearing rags made of real cloth.

The Gollum statue has a base of lightweight, stable plastic in the shape of a rock formation. An attractive plaque with the statue's name and the exact number of the copy produced in a limited edition of 2500 is at the front of the base. Screws are included so you can firmly attach the Gollum statue to the base as required.

Without the base, this Gollum statue is approx. 50 cm high. With the base, it is approx. 62 cm high and weighs approx. 10 kg.

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