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Item # 112131 (3)

Desert Beauty Costume

Fantastical costume with gorgeous details

Included in delivery
  • Desert Beauty costume, 4-piece
  • With jumpsuit
  • With headdress
  • With one pair of arm veils
  • Without any other costume pieces or accessories shown
Product Description
Enchanting costume from 1001 Nights: seductive desert jewel, lovingly and elaborately decorated, with arm veil and headdress!

Curtain up for a seductive dream from 1001 nights!

The elaborately crafted desert jewel costume consists of a jumpsuit, a pair of arm veils and a headdress. The top of the jumpsuit entices the viewer with lavish embellishments in the form of gold trim and oriental embroidery. The two pointed shoulder straps emphasize the elegant appearance. In the center of the neckline, at the bottom of the deep V-neckline, is a brooch with a decadently large, sparkling red gemstone (approx. 3 x 2 cm). From there, two teasing chains with small coins play around the feminine waist and create a subtly jingling backdrop of belly dancing. In the middle section, a slightly transparent fabric skillfully seduces with warm, iridescent effects under the right lighting. Here, too, there are gold-colored trims and decorative elements that cleverly transition into the hip area and pick up on the motif of the shoulder area again. To get into the jumpsuit, there is a zipper at the back that extends to the bloomers, which come in a shiny satin look and with a jacquard insert at the side.

The arm veils add a very special touch of 1001 nights: They are attached to the upper arm and wrist with the sequin-embellished loops and are made from the same shimmering metallic material that is already familiar from the stomach area of the jumpsuit. For the final touch of exoticism, there is also a headdress, which also features a sparkling red stone on the forehead and has another veil and decorative chains attached to it.

No one can resist this desert jewel!

Jumpsuit (shoulders, hips): 50% polyamide, 50% polyester; torso: 54% metallised fibre, 46% polyester; harem pants: 100% polyester; arm veils: 54% metallised fibre, 46% polyester
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Desert Beauty Costume
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