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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Ziggy Stardust Make-up Tutorial

Our little dedication to one of the most influential musicians of all time, David Bowie. Like no other this master of transformation left an indelible mark on pop music, inscribing himself with his artful personas in the iconography of the 20th century. More than Major Tom or Thin White Duke, Ziggy Stardust has a special place in the collective memory. This homemade Ziggy Stardust make-up tutorial is our way of paying homage to the glam rock icon. Here we show you how to transform yourself into David Bowie’s alter ego. Look just like him on his 1973 record, Aladdin Sane.

The lightning bolt across the right side of the face is so distinctive it would be enough to make you look like Ziggy Stardust. If this make-up tutorial is too elaborate for you, feel free to leave out a couple of the intermediate steps. If you want a professional-quality David Bowie look, it’s all right here! Ziggy Stardust á la record cover, complete with rock star wig and matching glam rock outfit!

Here we go!


NOTE: Activate subtitles in English by clicking on the first icon on the right.


Ziggy Stardust Make-up Tutorial – Materials

For a complete, highly detailed transformation we’ve used the following materials. If you plan on leaving out some steps you won’t need everything listed here. Just use the make-up mentioned in each step.

Make-up and Special Effects

Kryolan Cine-WaxIce Queen Effect Contact LensesKryolan Waterproof Mascara blackKryolan HD Micro Foundation Cream 320 Kryolan HD Micro Finish Powder 1 Kryolan Eyebrow Pencil 513Kryolan Glamour Sparks purpleKryolan Kohl Pencil highlightKryolan Lip Gloss 1Make-up Foundation redKryolan Kohl Pencil blackKryolan Eye Shadows golden pink, flirt, rosewood, passion, pearl & black


Tools Needed

 Modeling SpatulaPowder Puff largeMake-up Sponge circleBlush BrushEyeshadow Buffing Brush angled Eyeshadow Brush angled Size 8Professional Make-up Brush angledMake-up Brush round Size 14 Make-up Brush Detail


Costume and Wig

We’ve used the following items for the outfit and wig:

Mullet WigHair Spray redOppoSuits Cool BlueDisco Shoes black & white


Preparing the Wig

Ziggy Stardust Schminktipp David BowieZiggy Stardust Schminktipp David Bowie

Before starting with the actual make-up, take a moment to prepare the wig. We used the Rocker Mullet Wig and trimmed it accordingly in Bowie style. You can trim it in any style, and then apply a coat of our red hair spray. Or style your own hair and spray it red.


Step-by-Step Make-up Tutorial Ziggy Stardust

Ziggy Stardust Make-up Tutorail David Bowie1. To imitate Bowie’s eyes put an Ice Queen effect contact lens in your right eye.
Ziggy Stardust Make-up Tutorial David Bowie2. Then cover your eyebrows. This works best with maskworld.com Cine-Wax. Use a spatula to rub a small amount on your eyebrows until they are shiny.
Ziggy Stardust Make-up Tutorial David Bowie3. Then powder your eyebrows to serve as a base for the make-up you apply later.
Ziggy Stardust Make-up Tutorial David Bowie4. Now cover your face with a very light foundation and set with powder.
Ziggy Stardust Make-up Tutorial David Bowie5. Next, apply various shades of pink eyeshadow to your temples, cheeks and nose. (Kryolan Eyeshadow: golden pink, flirt, rosewood).
Ziggy Stardust Make-up Tutorial David Bowie6. The eyelids are also pink and purple. Apply purple to the movable part of the lid as well.
Ziggy Stardust Make-up Tutorial David Bowie7. Add black eyeliner beneath your eyes and coat your eyelashes with black mascara.
Ziggy Stardust Make-up Tutorial David Bowie8. To be just like the original add a thin layer of pink make-up and glitter to your entire face and neck.
Ziggy Stardust Make-up Tutorial David Bowie9. Highlights bring out your cheekbones and eyebrows.
Ziggy Stardust Make-up Tutorial David Bowie10. To accent the philtrum, create highlights with a light-colored make-up pencil and go over it lightly with a clean make-up brush.
Ziggy Stardust Make-up Tutorial David Bowie11. Color your lips with two different rosecolored lip glosses.
Ziggy Stardust Make-up Tutorial David Bowie12. Now it’s lightning time! To keep the lines on the forehead straight use Scotch tape. Apply two strips on either side of your eyebrow. Once you’re finished just pull off the tape.
Ziggy Stardust Make-up Tutorial David Bowie13. Outline the lightning bolt with red cream make-up and then fill it in. Let your brush strokes be visible just above the eyebrow. Design the rest of the lightning bolt free-style.
Ziggy Stardust Make-up Tutorial David Bowie14. And now for the blue shadow. Use a blue eyebrow pencil for this. Blend slightly with a flat make-up brush.
Ziggy Stardust Schminktipp David Bowie15. Finish it off by adding an ultra-thin black line between the red and blue. Use a black make-up pencil.
Ziggy Stardust Make-up Tutorial David Bowie16. Just put on the wig and you’re all set! Rock!
Make-up Tutorial Ziggy Stardust – The Look

David Make-up Tutorial Ziggy Stardust - Aladdin Sane - Glam Rock - Rock Star David Make-up Tutorial Ziggy Stardust - Aladdin Sane - Glam Rock - Rock Star


 We <3 you, Bowie!!

The Spiders @ maskworld.com



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