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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas Costume How To, Part II: Become a Christmas Angel

Learn how to become a heavenly Christmas angel in six easy steps

Hello all of you masters & mistresses of disguise! I am Cindy. I’ve been asked to be the Christmas angel for the maskworld company party this year, and wanted to show you how easy it is to become a Christmas angel in a few steps. At maskworld, of course you can find everything you need for a successful transformation. Maybe you also have some of the supplies you’ll need at home. I was thinking of you when I decided to use our professional quality Kryolan make-up products. This wonderful make-up is perfect for achieving professional results without being a professional make-up artist. Your face is the key to the success of your disguise. But don’t worry: you don’t have to have an angelic face to end up looking like a picture book angel. Hallelujah – anyone can be an angel!

How to become a Christmas angel step by step

1. Of course I want a perfectly even complexion, and use my own make-up foundation to achieve it. For my Christmas angel face, I use a bit more than I would use for normal day make-up. I can also use the practical Kryolan TV Paint Stick 3w. for excellent coverage. A dusting of high quality maskworld Transparent Setting Powder is perfect for matting and setting the foundation. 2. For heavenly, shimmering Angel make-up, I like to use lustrous metallic colors like Kryolan Eye Shadow gold and apply Kryolan Glamour Sparks noble to my eyelids. I highlight the arch of my eyebrow with Kryolan Eye Shadow pearl and put Kryolan Eye Shadow bronze on the crease because it is a bit darker. The final touch: I draw a contour line with Kryolan Cream Liner ebony to give my eyes more definition. 3. Now I define my eyebrows. To do this, I’ve used the Kryolan eye liner pencil in light brown to complement my natural eyebrow color. To liven up the even complexion I created in the first step, I apply a sweet, light blusher like Kryolan Blusher TC2. My cheeks, chin, and forehead now have a light, warm glow.
4. Glittering lips make Christmas angels magical. I put Kryolan Lip Gloss glitter gold t on my lips for enchanting shine. If you prefer more color on your lips, first apply lipstick and use the lip gloss over it. You might find your color of choice in Kryolan LipRouge Set LRS 131, which contains five warm, natural colors. 5. And everyone knows that Christmas angels have cascading curls. My hair is naturally long and blond, so I can use a curling iron to make ringlets in my own hair. You can also wear a wig if you’d like – more about our wigs below. 6. A sprinkle of small stars on your cheeks and temples is an unusual, heavenly eye catcher. This is why I am using maskworld aqua make-up to carefully paint them on for a glittering element of surprise. It’s easy and quick: just paint tiny stars with aqua make-up Gold and outline them in aqua make-up Bronze for a warmly glittering effect. Of course you can also glue tiny printed stars to your face – sometimes they will even stick without adhesive.

Now I have a Christmas angel face

My make-up looks so perfect that I can grace any Christmas party as a glorious angel now. Even if I just threw a simple white sheet over my shoulders and called it a robe, I’d be a welcome sight at a Christmas play, the church choir’s Christmas concert, or helping Santa distribute gifts. Because if your face is made up to look the part, you are more than half way to a successful costume. You can count on maskworld to help you go the rest of the way too. I used two different maskworld angel costumes to create my Christmas angel costume: the robe from Angel II and the wings from Angel kids costume. We have lots of costume pieces and accessories you can use to realize the Christmas angel costume of your own dreams. You’ll find a selection below.

I hope you have lots of fun creating your Christmas angel look – have to go practice plucking my harp!

Best holiday wishes, Cindy



Costume pieces and accessories for your Christmas angel costume

The obligatory halo Perfect angel hair wig Wings: don’t leave your cloud without them

Go all the way!

Gloria hallelujah, we have a wide selection of sublime accessories for angels at maskworld. Like a white halo – every angel wears one. If you don’t have blond hair like Cindy’s, try out one of our many angel wigs, because all picture book angels have blond, curly hair. Instead of a white sheet, you can also wear a long, white gown with angel sleeves. Because angels don’t like to go barefoot when they leave the pearly gates behind them, we have classic golden sandals and sweet marabou mules. But isn’t something missing? To arrive safely on Earth, angels need wings. Luckily, we have a wide range of white wings so you don‘t need to worry when you leave your cloud behind.

If you are looking for an alternative to Santa Claus (Part I) or a Christmas angel (Part II), stop in next week for part III of our make-up and costume How To series.

We will show you how to become a Christmas elf in the blink of an eye. Until then, spend some time in our Christmas shop. You’ll find Christmas costumes and accessories for men, women, kids, babies – and even dogs. Get ready for the season of giving!

Brought to you by your friends at maskworld.com

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