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Percussionpistol - french (brass-coloured)

French style replica percussionpistol with brass-coloured barrel and wooden handle

Product Description

The percussionpistol replaced the flintstockpistol during the beginning of the 19th century. The propelling charge was fuzed with a valve hitting a percussion cap that was placed on a so called "Piston". This System was placed on the left or right side of the weapon, according to the shooters preference. Towards a flintstockpistol the percussionpistol was definitly in advantage, because it was faster to load and fired more reliable. This replica weapon is based on a french model from the 19th century.

This pistol can be loaded with toy percussion caps and fired. 

To do this, simply place individual caps on the pins on the drum (percussion revolver) or the piston (percussion muzzle-loading pistols/rifles), cock the hammer and pull the trigger.

NOTE: This replica is a decorative weapon and is not intended by the manufacturer to be used with percussion caps. It will still work. However, as the manufacturer does not produce these items on the premise that percussion caps will work reliably, it is sometimes the case that individual pistols have too weak springs, so that the hammer does not have enough force to ignite the percussion caps. 

    Caution: According to Swiss weapons law, when importing imitation weapons (in this case, decorative weapons or toy weapons that can be mistaken for real firearms due to their appearance) into Switzerland, a written contract for the transfer of a weapon must be available. We can ship the items to you without any problems, but you will have to pick up your package at the responsible customs office by presenting the necessary papers. For further information please contact the Swiss customs.

    • Length: 37 cm
    • The replica weapon is functionable but can`t shoot
    • You can use percussion caps for a report
    • brass-coloured barrel


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