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Undertaker Mask

Product Description
This guy looks like he‘s seen it all – and isn‘t really happy about it. I mean, you bury corpses day in and day out and what happens? Some of them come back as zombies and ruin all that careful work you did when you gently lowered the casket and filled in the hole (ok, ok... after the relatives go away you don‘t worry so much about flinging the dirt around). And even if only 10% are zombies, well, that‘s enough. Our Undertaker has the ash gray skin color you get from working the graveyard shift for decades and the circles around his eyes are so dark he is sometimes mistaken for a (grave) robber. He has very realistic 5 o‘clock shadow, leathery skind, and is clenching a cigar stump between his teeth.A black cloth hat hides most of his thinning, curly hair. The undertaker latex full mask has eye slits above the eyes, ear and nose holes for wearing comfort, and a slit at the back for easy access. The holes at the side of his mouth are large enough for a straw to pass through. Yours til the undertaker undertakes to take you under!
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