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Anubis Mask

Product Description
Anubis the Greek name for the god of the afterlife the Egyptians worshipped in the Old Kingdom. He has the head of a jackal – a black one, to symbolize rebirth after death. Our Anubis latex giant full mask features a black jackal face, large pointed ears, but it is a bit more expressive than the ones in Egyptian paintings. With glaring red eyes and a snarling mouth with bared teeth, Anubis looks like he is ready to cause some deaths. He is wearing an Egyptian headdress in turquoise and gold with a rearing cobra at the front.

This giant latex full mask has a thick layer of foam padding inside at the top to keep it in place on your head. The eye slits are located below the red eyes of Anubis, and there are nose and mouth holes as well.

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