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Sclera Zombie Contact Lenses

22 mm diameter - cover the entire eye!

Included in delivery
  • One pair of Sclera Zombie contact lenses without prescription
Product Description

Effect lenses for particularly wacky transformations: large contact lenses for the whole eye - can be used for 6 months. Perfect for the undead and the possessed!

Bloody veins, inhuman pupils: With our Sclera Zombie contact lenses, you can make your eyes the disturbing highlight of your Halloween, fantasy or horror costume!

Sclera lenses are the royal class of effect contact lenses. They have a diameter of 22 mm and cover all visible areas of your eyes - so the whites are no longer visible.

  • Excellent, well covering multi-colour imprint
  • High quality sealing according to international quality standards
  • 6 months wearing time
  • Curvature (BC): 11 mm
  • Diameter (DIA): 22 mm

Please note that Sclera lenses should not be worn for more than 4 hours per day. For optimal care, we recommend our contact lens care kit.

Application notes: Inserting sclera contact lenses requires a little more skill and experience than with smaller lenses. If you do not have any experience with inserting contact lenses, we recommend that you visit your optician or ophthalmologist for advice and support during the first insertion. As a general rule, use your index finger, middle finger and thumb to hold the sclera lenses, otherwise their size will prevent them from resting on your fingertips. Make sure the lenses are well wetted with contact lens solution. First, carefully slide the lens under your upper eyelid. Then pull the lower eyelid down and press the lower end of the lens lightly. If the insertion doesn't work right away, just stay calm and practice a little - with a little experience, inserting sclera lenses will become easier and easier!

Detailed care and application instructions are given to you in the package insert that comes with the lens.

55% Polyhema, 45% H2O
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