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Caveman Deluxe Mask Kit

Included in delivery
  • Skin tone Caveman latex half mask
  • High quality SFX teeth with adhesive putty
  • Eyebrows and beard made of real hair
  • 30 ml Special FX Horror Skin
  • 15 ml Cream Make-Up - four different make-up colors (light and dark skin tones)
  • 12 ml brush-on Mastix spirit gum
  • 50 ml Mastix remover for removal of latex prosthetic pieces
  • Detailed, easy to understand make-up instructions with illustrations
Product Description
The components of our Caveman Deluxe Make-Up Kit are coordinated perfectly. The richly-detailed half mask was designed to fit superbly. It picks up all of your facial expressions, which makes your transformation impressively realistic. All of our latex prosthetic pieces are applied using high quality Mastix spirit gum.
The special FX teeth are individually adjusted to your own teeth using dental putty. That makes them comfortable to wear and you can quickly and easily put them in whenever you want.
With the Special FX Horror Skin, you can create perfect transitions and sophisticated make-up effects. The four Cream Make-Up colors are ideal for covering large areas as well as for fine accents.
The kit also contains a step-by-step, illustrated instruction booklet with lots of tips from a professional make-up artist. You can achieve a Hollywood-style transformation – step-by-step.

This deluxe half mask kit contains a perfect disguise and stands for hidden savings at the same time: with the kit, you save up to 20 percent of the total price of the individual products.
We recommend using Special FX Horror Skin to make edges invisible.

To learn more about our half masks, click here.

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Caveman Deluxe Mask Kit
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