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Halloween Make-up Set Complete

Everything you need for Halloween - a make-up set!

Included in delivery

Halloween make-up complete set nine pieces

  • with a bottle of horror skin
  • with a tube of fake blood
  • with a make-up jar of cream make-up corpse
  • with a jar of scabs
  • with a scab Sponge
  • with two latex cuts
  • with a bottle of mastic glue
  • with a pair of contact lenses
  • with vampire teeth Glow in the Dark
Product Description
The Halloween Horror Make-up Complete Set by MASKWORLD offers you a perfectly coordinated selection of our popular special-effect make-up
The set also includes a coarse and a fine-pored sponge as well as application instructions so that you can get started straight away. There are no limits to your creativity - whether you want to create a pale ghost, a bloody zombie or a half-decomposed undead person: With our complete Halloween make-up set, you are well prepared for every horror party. All the products included are high-yield, so that the set is sufficient for several occasions or people if used in a balanced way.
  • Effective make-up compilation for realistic bloody Halloween make-up - contains six high-quality SFX products, product-specific make-up sponges and illustrated instructions and inspiration in German. The set also offers make-up beginners great results and sets no limits to the imagination of advanced users.
  • Horror Skin - 29.5g liquid latex milk - perfect for modelling open wounds, torn off skin scraps such as burn blisters and generally as glue for additional make-up parts. Applied flat and dried through, the product creates the effect of wrinkled skin.
  • Wound Scab - 28.4g encrusted fake blood - creates realistic scratches, cuts and abrasions. Quick and easy results with both area application and for filling open make-up wounds. Looks like scabbed over blood and stays in shape.
  • Fake blood - 50ml theatre blood in tube - flows like real blood in thick, red drops and leaves realistic marks. Ideal for making up dripping lacerations or when you need a little more blood. Can be placed drop by drop from the tube and is thus suitable as a supplement to make-up wounds or as a single effect.
  • Corpse Cream Make-up - 15ml make-up tin with four coordinated colours - high-quality and very productive theatre make-up for the pale look as an undead zombie. Easy to apply and removable with water and washing lotion.
  • Cuts - 2 cuts made of high-quality latex including 2 ml bottle of mastic glue. Handmade latex applications that are easy to use and recyclable.
  • Satan contact lenses - a pair of soft effect motif lenses in high quality for devilish transformations. The contact lenses without dioptres can be used as often as you like in a period of one month.
Note: Do not use the make-up products near the eye, in the eye, directly on the lips or the mucous membrane of the mouth! Not suitable for children under 14 years of age. The product should not be used in case of allergies to the stated ingredients or latex. Detailed care and application instructions for the contact lenses are given in the enclosed package insert.
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