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Zombie Pirate Costume with Wig

The curse of the seven seas: undead pirate costume with wig

Included in delivery
  • Zombie Pirate Costume twelve pieces
  • with top
  • with trousers
  • with tricorn
  • with two headbands
  • with two belts
  • with hip scarf
  • with necklace
  • with one pair of arm warmers
  • with wig
  • Made by MASKWORLD
Product Description
Very "fresh" from our in-house development: the MASKWORLD Zombie Pirate costume! With this costume you can dance on two weddings at the same time: as a terror of the seven seas and as an unkillable walking corpse! The extremely practical skills as a zombie pirate include mobility on water (what undead can claim that?) and easy access to the coveted brains using boarding tactics. In addition, one is a welcome guest on all ghost ships, but also fits well into an ensemble of buccaneers of more modern pirate films, who may have to deal with a curse or the like.
This zombie pirate set includes the high quality wig!
Zombie Pirate Costume with Wig
  • consisting of a total of twelve pieces
  • high-quality workmanship
  • improved fit
  • short-sleeved shirt with torn ends
  • incorporated latex wound in the abdominal area
  • two individual belts and red- white hip cloth included
  • with additional arm cuffs made of imitation leather
  • in the same fabric as the shirt
  • dyed in dirt and bloodstains
  • incorporated latex wound on one thigh
round the head
  • easy to shape tricorn hat
  • two separate headbands
  • one pirate necklace with Jolly Roger pendant
  • includes high quality crafted zombie pirate wig
To perfect the undead journeywoman's broken state and complete the terrifying appearance of the zombie pirate, we recommend fake blood and latex wounds from our shop or even our Zombie Pirate Make-up Set.
Brain to port, ahoy!
Costume & Wig: 100% Polyester
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