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Morphsuit Canada Full Body Costume

The original Morphsuits – become a walking flag!

Included in delivery
  • Morphsuit Canada, 1-piece
  • Without any other costume pieces or accessories shown
Product Description
Original Morphsuits in flag design. The popular full body costume now for the stadium wave and international cultural exchange. The fun has gone international!

Maple syrup, grizzly bears and infinite forests – with our Canada Morphsuit, you can put your full body into showing your affection for the country between Quebec and Vancouver.

An original licensed product, a Morphsuit is a fascinating full body costume and a real global sensation. And when we say "full body," we mean exactly that. Morphsuits hug your body and really cover everything – including your head, hands, and feet. But this doesn't mean you can't see in them, because the fabric is fine enough to see through but keeps curious eyes out. You can even drink water through your Morphsuit – but don't overdo it because it doesn't work in the other direction. Morphsuits are designed with a practically invisible double zip fastener that ends at the head so you can easily put them on alone. The word "Morphsuits" is printed on the back. The only thing you'll need to add is tight underwear and a bra as required. But of course you can personalize your disguise with any number of accessories and wigs or hats. Just use your imagination!

Here's the answer to one FAQ in advance: No, you don't have to have a flat stomach or look like Adonis or Aphrodite to wear a Morphsuit. Just put it on, have loads of fun, and don't worry about what your silhouette looks like. And remember, they're like superhero suits in another way: if you don't want anyone to know that it's you in that Morphsuit, your identity will remain a secret.

What size should you buy? Here are the guidelines: Medium if you are 150 - 160 cm tall, Large for 161 - 176 cm, XL for 177 - 188 cm and XXL for 189+ cm.

  • Morphsuit Canada, 1-piece
  • Without any other costume pieces or accessories shown
87% polyester, 13% elastane
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