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Fun Costume Gorilla with Cage

Effective action costume for the perfect illusion

Included in delivery
  • Fun costume, 10+ pieces
  • With gorilla costume
  • With gorilla mask
  • With a pair of gorilla hands
  • With a pair of gorilla feet
  • With bamboo cage
  • With strap
  • With two brackets
  • Without trousers or shoes
Please note: fits a maximum body height of 190 centimeters.
Product Description
You'll have loads of fun! Create the illusion that you've been captured by a gorilla! Gorilla costume plus cage for human. 
Everyone who doesn't have perfect make-up put a lot of extra effort into their costume. Who cares? With our Gorilla with Cage fun costume, you'll beat them all! This isn't just a costume – it's actually a complete scene that tells a story. The story of a very smart gorilla who turned the tables on a jungle adventurer and tricked him into getting into a cage. In our Gorilla with Cage fun costume, you'll have the a-ha effect and laughter on your side. 
The costume includes a full body gorilla suit with a gorilla mask, gorilla hands and gorilla feet, and a cage of lightweight, sturdy plastic that you'll assemble by yourself (instructions included). The surprise effect: you're part gorilla and part man! You slip into the gorilla legs but your upper body is in the cage. You'll pull a pair of your own trousers and shoes onto two cardboard brackets to make "legs." Then stuff the rest of the gorilla (including its head) and connect it to the cage. Straps connect the cage to the gorilla's upper body, so it looks like you are trapped inside the cage!Make sure someone else is there to help you adjust the costume. 
An 11-page manual (in English) is included to help you assemble this Gorilla with Cage fun costume. All you need is trousers and shoes for your captive, a pair of boots and newspaper for stuffing the gorilla, and it's gorilla circus time!
100% polyester; cage, mask, hands, feet: plastic
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Fun Costume Gorilla with Cage
4.3 out of 5 stars
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