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Sexy Cinderella Costume

Seductive fairy tale costume for exciting appearances

Included in delivery
  • Sexy Cinderella costume 4-piece
  • with bodice top
  • with mini skirt
  • with long train skirt
  • with crown
  • without petticoat and other costume parts

PLEASE NOTE: This item runs very small! Please order one size larger!
We also recommend wearing a petticoat underneath.

Product Description
Delightful princess costume four-piece, with strapless bodice top in light blue satin, with silver mini skirt, crown and a romantic train in light blue. Royal splendour!

Cinderella took her fate into her own hands and, with saucy performances and plenty of charm, threw herself from the clutches of her tyrannical stepmother into the arms of her dream prince. The brilliant wardrobe she conjured up with a hazelnut wish was just what she needed!

The satin of the bodice top shines brilliant blue, a silver decorative ribbon flashes on the side darts, while sweet pearl necklaces in four decorative rows adorn the front. The strapless top is reinforced with elastic at the seductive décolleté, and can be put on and taken off with a side zip. The shimmering metallic mini skirt in silver draws all eyes to the legs, falling from the waist into a wide swinging, sexy short hem. In contrast, the separate, long train looks very dreamy and romantic. In the delicate light blue of the bodice, there is a huge swoosh here: a two-tiered flounce falls over a floor-length layer, rounded off by a huge bow. The train is securely fastened at the front with a well-disguised Velcro fastener and conjures up a touch of drama in the silhouette with its opulence. The sexy Cinderella costume is crowned by a glittering little crown, so the majestic appearance is complete!

85% Polyamide, 15% elastane
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Sexy Cinderella Costume
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