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Item # 205026 (2)

Sexy Hatter Premium Edition Costume

Included in delivery
  • Sexy Hatter Premium Edition Costume Six Piece
  • With Tailcoat Top with Bustier Insert
  • With Skirt
  • With Hat with Bow and Shield
  • With Bow Necklace
  • With a Pair of Boot Cuffs
  • Without Petticoat, Boots and Other Costume Pieces or Accessories

PLEASE NOTE: This item is more suitable for women with a larger bust size, as the corsage cannot be adjusted individually!

Product Description
Hats off! To this noble milliner. Six-piece costume with red and gold brocade bodice frame, with inset bustier in gold, with miniskirt, bow necklace, fulminant hat and a pair of boot tops.

What ever happened to the oddball hatter from "Alice in Wonderland"? Were there mushrooms with transformational effects at the legendary tea party again? We don't know, but we're not sad either, because this seductive noble lady is anything but second choice, this Sexy Hatter Premium Edition is a breathtaking eye-catcher!

Hats off! Or rather up? Because this imposing piece needs to be presented. The cylinder-shaped hat is made of dark red, high-quality material interspersed with floral ornaments in gold in the style of brocade. The wide brim is reinforced with a wire and a hat band made of green organza complements this luxurious headwear together with the "10/6" sign. By the way, "10/6" stands for 10 shillings 6 pence, and the enterprising lady wears the advertisement for her hat shop on her pretty mop of hair along with the hat. Clever!

The fact that her business is going well is made clear by the fine materials and extensive details of her garment. The long-sleeved jacket is tailored from the red and gold brocade already mentioned in the hat, while the cuffs, as well as the turned-up lapels and decorative buttons, flash elegant gold. In the back, a large bow adorns the part of the tailcoat where the two swallowtails sit. In the front, a seductive bustier top reinforced by bodice stays is inserted into the tailcoat. The fitted, sensual design element closes at the front with hooks and eyes, creating a perfect fit and great cleavage.

A lot of cheeky verve is conjured up by the golden mini skirt in the dramatic silhouette of the Sexy Hatter Premium Edition. It hugs tightly at the waist thanks to elastic and falls from there into a short but wide-swinging hemline adorned with a delightful ruffle of green organza. A romantic bow necklace and a pair of red and gold boot tops complete this truly luxurious costume.

You'll be a much sought-after guest of honour at any tea party, no matter how extravagant!

Seven-piece police costume.
  • Sexy Mad Hatter costume, 6-piece
  • With dress coat top and bow
  • With mini skirt
  • With hat with bow and label
  • With bow choker
  • With a pair of boot tops
  • Without any other costume pieces or accessories shown
85% Polyamide, 15% elastane
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79,90 € 49,90 €
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Sexy Hatter Premium Edition Costume
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