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Star Wars Darth Talon costume

Original licensed costume from the "Star Wars" universe

Included in delivery
  • Star Wars Darth Talon Costume 7-piece
  • with top including gloves
  • with inflatable Twi'lek head tails
  • with brassiere
  • with panties including belt and loincloth
  • with tights
  • with one pair of boot tops
  • without lightsaber, Shoes, make-up and other costume parts and accessories
Product Description
Elegant, deadly and exotic: Darth Talon is one of the most dangerous assassins in the Star Wars universe. Transform into the murderous Sith Twi'lek fighter!

Darth Talon is a deadly Sith assassin who plays an important role in the "Star Wars: Legacy" comic series. The red-skinned Twi'lek was trained as a Sith from birth and is one of the deadliest lightsaber fighters in the galaxy.

With our original Star Wars Darth Talon costume, you can transform into this graceful and dangerous fighter. The tight-fitting top with turtleneck simulates the red skin of Darth Talon. Black tribal-like patterns trace the Twi'lek's Sith tattoos. The over-elbow-length gloves are part of the top. Shiny silver appliqués represent the arm armour. The silver bra with the striking, pointed shape is pulled over the top and closes at the back with a Velcro fastener.

To make your legs look like the red, tattooed skin of Darth Talon, the costume also includes red tights with a black print. The black panties with attached silver belt and loincloth are pulled over them. The boot tops made of matt black foam can be pulled over your normal shoes and, like the glove parts of the top, have silver armour elements.

And so that you become a Twi'lek from head to toe, the gracefully curved, typical "head tails" must of course not be missing. These are included as a printed, inflatable headpiece and are held to your head with the help of a transparent, adjustable chin strap with clip fastener.

And to make sure you look like a Twi'lek from head to toe, the graceful curved "head tails" are of course a must.

Top, gloves, boot tops: 100% Polyester; headpiece: 100% Chlorofibre; tights: 100% Polyamide; armour, bra, belt: 100% Polyurethane; panties: 100% Elastane
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