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Item # 103451

V for Vendetta Costume

Included in delivery
  • Costume, 14-piece
  • With trousers
  • With shirt
  • With cloak
  • With mask
  • With belt
  • With 6 daggers
  • With boot tops
  • With gloves
  • With hat
  • Without wig or shoes
Product Description
"V for Vendetta" is the title of a comic series that takes place in fictional England in 1997. After World War III, V single-handedly takes on the powerful, Fascist Norsefire Party. He is known for the distinctive Guy Fawkes mask, black clothing and Japanese sai-like daggers he wears.

But let's not get carried away: an elastic band keeps the half mask on, which has a padded forehead. The characteristic flat-brimmed black hat has a black hat band. The cloak, popular among superheroes as well, buttons at the throat and the shirt buttons at the back of the neck. The belt, which ties at the back, is designed to carry the six daggers included. It has nothing to do with keeping the trousers on, because they are equipped with an elasticized waistband for extra wearing comfort.

The boot tops and gloves in leather look are also essential for a credible appearance as the ruthless avenger. This dark outfit suits V's profession, because revenge is his business!

100% polyester
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