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Item # 110284

Star Wars Boba Fett Supreme Costume

Original licensed costume from the "Star Wars" universe

Included in delivery
  • Costume, 17-piece
  • With suit with detachable cape
  • With collector's item helmet
  • With gambeson
  • With breastplate
  • With gorget
  • With back plate
  • With groin protector
  • With shoulder plates
  • With gauntlets
  • With knee plates
  • With leg pocket weapons
  • With Wookie scalp
  • With belt
  • With molded ammunition belt
  • With gloves
  • With boot tops
  • With jet pack
  • Without shoes
Please note: This product varies from the image shown. The shoulder and knee guards are not orange. They are beige as in the original. The suit is lighter than the one shown here.
Product Description
A special feature of the Star Wars universe is that the fans worship the bad guys as well as the good guys. Darth Vader is, of course, the classic example of a bad guy with cult status, but the obscure bounty hunter Boba Fett is also a cult figure. The cloned "son" of dreaded Jango Fett, the blueprint for all of the clone troopers, is just as bad as his father. Boba Fett always wears his helmet. He is intelligent and trained in the use of all types of weapons, and does not hesitate to take on jobs from Jabba the Hutt or even Darth Vader himself. With his clever fighting tactics and skill with weapons, he is an equal match for Jedi knights and Han Solo.

Our Boba Fett Supreme costume is a fantastic collector's item that is as much like the original armored suit from the Star Wars trilogy as humanly possible. The main piece is a gray jumpsuit with a detachable cape in dark green cotton. This costume equips you with chest and back armor in beige and green topped off by a gorget for your neck. Add the orange shoulder epaulets, knee plates, a groin protector and the characteristic helmet – which is practically a collector's item itself. The forearms are protected by bracers, and thanks to matching gauntlets and boot tops, you will be completely unrecognizable when you put on this Boba Fett Supreme suit – you are the bounty hunter!

All you need now are the weapons and clever gimmicks that Boba Fett relies on in his line of work. He uses the pockets on the inside of his lower legs for carrying small but useful weapons, the molded ammunition belt around his waist keeps the MM9 wrist rocket going for as long as required, and the Wookie scalp is a little reminder that this Boba Fett means business. He is one tough cookie, but when he has to make a quick getaway, he can strap the Z-6 jet pack on and go.

100% polyester; cape: 100% cotton
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