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Gambeson with Buckles green

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  • Gambeson, 1-piece
Product Description
Pointed weapons can pierce the rings of chain mail or slash them open and drive damaged rings right into the wounds. Even when the rings are not broken, a heavy blow or thrust is often enough to break bones or damage organs. A thick coat like this gambeson dramatically reduces the chances of getting hurt during battle.

This heavily padded green Gambeson with Buckles is made of heavyweight, 100 percent cotton. Four leather buckles keep the collarless gambeson fastened securely. For maximum freedom of movement, it has slits in the front and back and at the sides below the hips. That also makes this green gambeson ideal for mounted warriors, who are especially in need of protection and padding!

  • Gambeson, 1-piece
100% cotton
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Gambeson with Buckles green
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