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Boots - Lady corsair

Pirate boots for male and female buccaneers or as a medieval shoe for your Fantasy Larp character.

Product Description
Pirates, peasants, pagans and princesses all know that the proper shoes or boots can add the convincing final toch to any costume. Do we mourn the passing of leather as the main material for shoes and boots? No, not at all. Modern, man made shoe and boot materials can be processed in a variety of creative ways that all add up to inexpensive FUN, regardless of whether crazy colors, fantastic forms or daring decoration are the main attraction. And if you want historical accuracy, reach into your wallet and then reach out for tried and true leather shoes.

...or leather boots. Our Corsair Lady boots are the perfect boots for enjoying the breeze on board ship or jumping out of the way of an enemy cutlass in close combat. Made of genuine, black grained leather, they have rounded toes, flat, leather soles, and thin rubber heels. The shafts are approx. 75 cm high, and can be turned down into deep cuffs with nubuc leather exteriors that provide an exciting color and texture contrast. Use the two buckles (at 47 cm and 58 cm) to keep the boots on your legs.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Corsair Lady boots are different from the ones shown. They are not shiny and smooth and have dark, natural leather soles.

Genuine leather
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Boots - Lady corsair
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