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Manhole Cover Shield - Dark Moon

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  • Manhole cover shield foam weapon, 1-piece
Product Description
Manhole Cover Shield - Dark Moon, foam weapon without a solid core. Diameter approx. 61 cm. Perfect for apocalypse and horror LARP.

A real manhole cover is a fine thing to have. It is bound to be heavy because it is made out of stable cast metal; but on the other hand, you can hold it up to stop the progress of a range of objects that might want to get at you – a zombie with acute hunger, for example.

This manhole cover is a foam weapon shield, and like all of our other LARP weapon shields, it is made without a solid core. It consists of several layers of foam slabs glued together. On the inside, it has two sturdy leather loops, one of which is adjustable. Since it is a round shield, this manhole cover is suitable for both left- and right-handed use. The shield is approx. 61 cm in diameter and weighs approx. 1.3 kg (much less than one made of cast metal). Perfect for apocalypse and horror LARP.

  • Manhole Cover Shield - Dark Moon, foam weapon, 1-piece
PE foam with latex layer, flexible paint coating
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