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Owl silicone mould for popsicles

This owl silicone mould is perfect for making popsicles. The wooden sticks are even included.

Included in delivery
  • one owl silicone mold for popsicle one-piece
  • includes 15 wooden sticks
Product Description
  • easy to whip up homemade popsicles
  • made from food-grade silicone
  • naturally BPA-free
  • easy to release
  • simple to clean, naturally dishwasher safe
  • mould size: 13 cm x 9 cm x 2.2 cm
  • includes 15 wooden sticks
  • large temperature range from -30 °C to +230 °C, oven (without wooden sticks), fridge, freezer and microwave suitable

How to make yoghurt owl popsicles

  1. rinse the owl silicone mould with water
  2. place mould on a small plate or board for stability
  3. paint owl eyes, brows, beak and little feet with liquid chocolate
  4. push the wooden sticks one third of the way into the opening
  5. fill the mould with yoghurt
  6. place the silicone mould carefully in the freezer (board or plate makes transport easier)
  7. cool until the yoghurt is firm
  8. to release, push ice cream out the top and then pull out from the top

You can easily make your own popsicles. Whether it's yoghurt, juice or cream, you'll be able to make it easily and it will be healthier than any store-bought ice cream. The owl popsicle is a real eye-catcher for every children's birthday party or your next Halloween party!

Our silicone popsicle is a real eye-catcher for every children's birthday party or your next Halloween party!

Our silicone mould is ideal for popsicles, but you can also use it to create lollipops or cake pops. Our favourite: yoghurt ice cream with chocolate!

Cleaning - for a long silicone mould life

  • suitable for the dishwasher
  • hand clean with a soft sponge
  • caution: Do not use sharp, rough sponges or brushes!
  • allow to air dry (towels can cause lint)
  • remove stubborn dirt by soaking in washing-up liquid or caustic soda

Tips & Tricks

  • the very flexible shape makes it particularly easy to remove the filling
  • rinse the mould with cold water before filling
  • to avoid deformation or leakage, it is best to always fill the silicone mould on a firm base such as a thin board, plate, casserole dish -  so it can be carried safely and stably into the fridge or freezer
  • turn over correctly: Place the mould on the worktop, place the serving plate/board upside down on the mould and then turn the mould and serving plate over together. Then carefully remove the mould - done!

... and a few warnings

  • do not use sharp, rough sponges or brushes for cleaning
  • despite high heat resistance, never expose the mould to open heat
  • don't use the mould again for making food if you have made inedible things like soaps, candles etc. in it
  • the mould may form a kind of thin greasy film after frequent use, which is not harmful
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