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Halloween Mini Symbols Silicone mould for fruit jellies and chocolate 30x

With this silicone mould for 30 small Halloween symbols, you can make scary gum drops or spooky ice cubes for your Halloween party drinks.

Product Description
  • Mould size: 17 cm x 16 cm x 1.2 cm (width x length x height)
  • Easily conjure up spooky-fun creations
  • Large temperature range from -30 to +230 degrees Celsius
  • made of food-safe silicone
  • naturally BPA-free
  • easy to trigger even without coating
  • easy to clean, of course dishwasher safe

Particularly suitable for:

  • Fruit jelly
  • Ice cubes
  • Chocolate
  • Cake decoration

With this silicone mould for forty small Halloween symbols, you can create impressive creations in no time at all. The wide temperature range means you can use it for freezing or baking. You can use it to make fruit jelly and great ice cubes for your drinks. You can also fill it with melted chocolate without any problems. Conjure up real eye-catchers for your Halloween party quickly and easily!

Our Halloween ice cube mould is ideal for fruit gums and ice cubes, but you can also use it to create small chocolate drops and other baked treats. It can also be used to make spooky decorations for candles or soap. But then please don't use it on food! Our favourites: Fruit gums coloured with food colouring - for a colourful spooky mix. Or form delicious chocolate Halloween figures as decoration for a Halloween cake.

Of course, you can do much more with the Mini Halloween Symbol silicone mould. Who are we to tell you what you can do with your brand new silicone mould! As long as you keep a few things in mind when using it, you will enjoy it for many years to come. And best of all, you'll find plenty of other great and crazy silicone moulds to keep adding to your collection!


The best way to clean them is in the dishwasher. Or by hand with warm water, a soft sponge and washing-up liquid; then rinse with cold water and simply leave to air dry, because if you use a towel, lint may come off and remain in the mould. Not tasty!

Do not under any circumstances use sharp objects such as brushes, the rough sides of cleaning sponges or metal pot cleaners - these will quickly break the surface of the mould and can either cause parts to come off or small cracks to form, which will increase in size over time and eventually cause the mould to crack.

If the mould is stubbornly dirty, it is better to clean it by soaking it in washing-up liquid for a longer period of time. If that is not enough, you can also soak the mould in sodium hydroxide solution.

We do not recommend soaking the mould in sodium hydroxide solution.

We do not recommend cleaning cloths or baby wipes; they often contain silicones, chemicals or fragrances that can damage silicone moulds. In addition, fibres and lint can get stuck in the mould.

It is important that the mould is clean.

The fact that the mould may feel like it has a thin film of grease on the surface after a while is not a problem and does not affect the functionality, as long as you always keep the mould clean as described, regardless. If you still want to get rid of it, you can boil the mould in salt water for a few minutes. This will dissolve the fat. After that, the mould may still feel as if it has a minimal film of grease on the surface.

Tips & Tricks

  • The moulds are super-flexible so you can easily release the finished products. As a result, handling is sometimes not so easy and requires a bit of skill. The mould is much easier to move if you place it on a solid surface, such as a kitchen board, before filling. Then you can easily lift the mould and move it around without it deforming and the contents spilling out. You can also put thin plastic breakfast trays in the fridge or freezer; this way you won't lose much space and you can even stack several trays on top of each other.
  • Turn over correctly: Place the mould on the worktop, place the serving plate upside down on the mould and then turn the mould and serving plate over together. Then carefully remove the mould - done!
  • . and a few warnings

  • Do not use sharp objects such as knives, scissors or metal cleaning sponges etc. with your silicone mould. While silicone is an extremely flexible and durable material, sharp objects can quickly break the silicone, especially on the surface
  • Although the mould can withstand 230 degrees of heat, it must not be in direct contact with heated surfaces, i.e. never place it directly on hot surfaces such as cooker tops or the bottom of the oven.
  • Never expose the mould to open flames - i.e. candles, campfires or gas flames.
  • Do not use the mould to make food once you have made other things in it, such as soaps, candles, etc. This often leaves residue that can be burnt off. Often, this leaves behind residues that cannot be completely removed. These unwanted ingredients can get into your creations and make them unpalatable or even harmful to health.
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