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Item # 111369

Large Purple Demon Feather Wings

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  • Large feather wings, 1-piece
Product Description
Large purple demon wings made of real feathers. Dimensions: 85x65 cm (lxw). Position at any angle. Incl. adjustable shoulder straps with hook and loop strips.

We recommend these large, purple demon feather wings for all fallen angels, demons and other flights of fantasy in Lucifer's host. They are the XL of all wings, so wear them to show everyone who's the boss of the underworld. Your wish will be their command. Infinitely adjustable shoulder straps with hook and loop fasteners make our large, black Demon feather wings comfortable to wear and they can be positioned at any angle. Soft down is used on the upper part, and long flight feathers cover the bottom.

Our large, purple demon feather wings measure approx. 85x65 cm (lxw).

The wings are made of real feathers.

Real feathers; cloth: 100% polyester
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