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Leather armour - Centurio with shoulders

Roman-inspired, shaped muscle armour made of approx. 2 mm thick leather with matching Segmentata shoulders made of 3-4 mm thick leather. Handmade by Andracor in Berlin!

Product Description

Our Andracor muscle armour is based on antique models and is handmade in Berlin. The torso is made of approx. 2 mm thick armor leather, the shoulders of at least 3.5 mm thick upper leather.

A six-pack without a gym? No problem! Even the ancient Romans had their tricks. The Lorica Muskulata or muscle armour is a quite characteristic representative of antique armour. Above all, senior officers such as the centurions of the Roman legions used this type of armor to exude authority and power. Often these armours were made of metal, but there were also torsos made of leather. However, the first muscle armours appeared in ancient Greece. Alexander the Great, for example, was often portrayed in a white muscle shell. And Julius Caesar went even further and wore it straight away in gold! However, our muscle armour comes in black and brown, not everyone can be the ruler of a great empire.

The breastplate is closed with 6 buckles and can therefore be adapted to any wearer. Shoulder segments can also be removed through pucker holes. The torso can ideally be combined with matching segmentata shoulders and a loincloth with stripes to make the Roman style perfect.

The shoulder collar is based on Roman segmentata shoulders and is designed to allow the greatest possible freedom of movement in Larp battles. The collar is attached to the armour by leather cords, but can also be worn separately, because it is well fixed by the four arm straps. It can also be worn on a chain mail shirt or attached to another suit of armour with lacing holes on the torso.

  • Andracor leather product
  • vegetably tanned
  • handcrafted in Berlin
Made of 3.5 cm thick armour-grade leather
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