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Barbarian Helmet PU

A high quality barbarian helmet for rough warriors made of polyurethane.

Product Description

This riveted plate helmet, based on models from the early Middle Ages, is an example of our line of Larp armour parts made of polyurethane.

More PU armor parts from the Barbarian line:

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They look deceptively similar to real metal, but of course have some other properties: for one thing, they are much lighter than steel. This makes them interesting for those who find metal armour too heavy. Apart from pure "laziness" this also applies to people e.g. with back problems or other physical disadvantages. Also for cosplayers who are mainly interested in the look of the equipment and not in realism, PU armour can be a solid option. PU armour does not rust. This, of course, makes it easier to maintain the armour pieces. PU armour is flexible to a certain extent. They bend slightly under pressure and can thus be adjusted to different sizes somewhat more easily than metal armour, for example.

Important: although these armours are made of plastic, they will reliably protect you from strikes with a foamweapon!

Inner circumference: ca 60cm

Gewicht: 0,43kg

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