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Friday, 28 March 2014

Friday, 28 March 2014

Wild Thing Make-up Tutorial

Common sense has it that monsters are nasty, mean and downright ugly. That this isn’t the whole truth couldn’t be more apparent in our Wild Thing make-up tutorial: there are monsters of the cute variety, too. Here we’ve put together a step-by-step make-up how-to with a professional make-up artist to help you turn yourself into a sweet and sassy Wild Thing.

BEFORE                                                                                                           AFTER


Set up your work space and lay out all the materials you’re going to need. To transform yourself into Wild Thing, you’ll need the following:

• aqua make-up: white, black, violet, Haiti (petrol blue)
Kryolan Make-up Remover
Kryolan Glamour Sparks purple
Kryolan Glamour Sparks blue
• blue glitter powder (not included in our product range)
• glue-on rhinestones (not included in our product range)
Mystic Violet effect contact lenses
Kryolan Kohl Pencil highlight
Kryolan Lip Gloss glitter silver
• make-up brushes: Professional Make-up Brush flat small, Professional Make-up Brush angled, make-up brush detail, Blush Brush
• big and small eye shadow brushes (not included in our product range)
• eye shadow: violet, feeling, white, nightblue, cloud
Aphrodite false eyelashes

Step-by-Step Wild Thing Make-up Tutorial

Step 1: Put in contact lenses

1. First put in your violet effect contact lenses. We recommend maskworld Mystic Violet effect contact lenses.

2. With the Kryolan Kohl Pencil highlight sketch two zig-zags above your eyes and a couple spikes below.

3. Apply petrol blue (no. 574 aqua make-up Haiti) to your upper eyelids using a make-up brush.

4. Fill in the area between your eyelids the first zig-zag with violet (no. 673 aqua make-up Violet).

5. Following this, dab the edges with the petrol blue make-up to blend the purple and blue tones.

6. You fill in the area between the zig-zags with petrol blue aqua make-up as well.

7. Go over the upper zig-zag again generously with no. 000 aqua make-up white.

8. Apply dark blue eye shadow to your upper eyelids, extending it down the side of your nose. It’s best to use an eye shadow brush for this.

9. Using the Professional Make-up Brush angled and dark blue eye shadow, create shadowing on one side of each of the zig-zags above the eyes.

10. Now to what’s beneath the eyes: Using violet aqua make-up and the Professional Make-up Brush small flat, color the sides of spikes.

11. Following this go over the other side of the spikes with your make-up brush and petrol blue aqua make-up.

12. Make your forehead more dynamic by applying various shades of eye shadow with a wide eye shadow brush. Here we used violet, nightblue and feeling.

13. To make your eyes look bigger, apply white make-up below them and at the corners.

14. You can reinforce this effect by putting it on directly below the dark blue eye shadow.

15. Applying a layer of white eye shadow over the white areas makes them appear softer.

16. Next go over your eyes‘ waterlines with white using the soft Kryolan Kohl Pencil highlight.

17. Accent the lower spikes once more with light blue eye shadow, leaving a half centimeter between them and the new lines.

18. Apply white eye shadow directly along the spikes.

19. Next, cover your cheeks with dark blue and violet eye shadow. A blush brush is best for this.

20. Cover your nose and the middle of your forehead with light blue. A wide eye shadow brush is best for this.

21. Using a smaller eye shadow brush, dab a bit of blue glitter powder on the blue areas of your eyes. Repeat this with violet glitter powder on the purple areas.

22. Dab a bit of make-up remover onto your upper eyelids and the white areas to hold the glitter powder in place. Then cover this whole area with blue glitter powder.

23. Accent the zig-zag and spike peaks with self-adhering rhinestones.

24. Then color your lips with violet aqua make-up. An angled make-up brush is best for this.

25. Put a bit of petrol blue aqua make-up on the middle of your lips.

26. Then apply your silver glitter lip gloss.

27. Last but not least, attach your false eyelashes and…

28. You’re all set!

To make your transformation into Wild Thing perfect we have just the right outfit and fun accessories for you in our shop. Our model is wearing a Wild Thing costume, black & silver fishnet pantyhose and a violet Mermaid Wig. But feel free to change it up – have a look for yourself and let your imagination run wild.

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The Make-up Genies @ maskworld.com

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