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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

LARP Make-Up HOW TO: Get in Touch with Your Outer Orc

They’re barbaric, bloodthirsty, and they’re downright brutal – orcs are the epitome of gore. It’s impossible to imagine the fantasy and LARP worlds without these uncivilized, light-sensitive creatures. So you wanna show them your fiercest orc at the next con? In this professional Make-Up HOW TO, we show you step-by-step how to achieve an orc look that will teach those elves and dwarfs what it means to be scared.

You’ll need the following:

Ork Deluxe Make-Up Kit

Nail clipper

Make-up brush


Cotton swabs

Step 1: Fitting the Teeth

Empty all of the dental putty from the two included bags. QUICKLY knead both components together with your fingertips (approx. 10 seconds) until the mixture is uniform in color. Make a thin roll as long as the shell of the fake teeth and place it inside. Press it carefully and evenly until some of the putty emerges from the small holes at the front. The more evenly you spread it, the better the teeth hold. The teeth can be worn repeatedly. Center the fake teeth over your own teeth and lightly press them down until your teeth touch the putty. Use your tongue to distribute the putty between the fake teeth and the back of your teeth. The putty should be hard after approx. five minutes. Now you can remove the teeth by carefully pulling upward. Put the fitted teeth back in your mouth after you’ve finished applying the make-up.

Step 2: Applying the Mask

First, cut the eyes out of the mask. They are recessed, which serves as an outline for cutting. If you’re not sure, start with a smaller cut, increasing gradually in size until the cut-out matches the recess. Next, cut out the nostrils. These are recessed as well. Try for nostrils that fit accurately and do not limit breathing through the nose. Put on the mask in front of a mirror. The half mask should fit comfortably around the eyes. You should not feel pressure around the eyes or have trouble blinking. The nostrils should be big enough so you can breathe comfortably. If the tip of your nose is partially visible, not to worry, make-up can cover this up at a later stage. Every face is different, so it may be that the half mask does not fit perfectly when applied in one piece. It has been created such that you can cut the mask into two pieces without hindering its gruesome effect. You can cut from the outside corner of the eye to the temple and along the bridge of the nose. With the right make-up this looks just as professional as when left in one piece.

Step 3: Applying the Ears

Next, put on the ears to determine how they fit you best. To make the transition smoother, cut the inside of the ear with a nail clipper where necessary. Apply a thin layer of Mastix spirit gum to your own ears, especially to the areas where the latex ear tapers off. Remove any excess Mastix spirit gum with a cotton swab and dab until the spirit gum becomes stringy. Put the latex ears over your own ears, pressing them gently while holding them in place. Any remaining spirit gum can be cleaned up with Mastix Remover and a cotton swab.

Step 4: Applying Make-Up to the Mask

When you hold the half mask or its parts on your face you can feel where the latex touches your skin. Apply the spirit gum to these regions of contact. Spread it thinly with the brush. You can dab off excess spirit gum with a cotton swab to determine when it has reached its full adhesive strength. It is easier to glue the whole mask on and to take care of the edges later. Make sure that all edges are glued on well. Any Mastix sticking out from the edges should be removed with a bit of Mastix Remover and a cotton swab. When applying the make-up, make sure to brush away from the application to avoid rolling up the edges. Now cover your face with the color you want your orc persona to be. Included in the make-up kit, dark and light green are ideal for the foundation, but you can also use brown. Use yellow to highlight the protruding areas of your new orc face. Use brown to highlight your sunken eyes, temples and distinctive cheek bones. Use the green hues to bring the distinct color regions together and to create a uniform skin tone. Don’t just simply smear everything together. Instead dab the colors on with a sponge or your fingers. Go over the dark wrinkles again and retouch the relief areas with a lighter yellow to further strengthen the three-dimensional effect.

Last but Not Least: Getting Equipped for Battle

While you’re at it, why not go all orc or nothing? Have a look around our shop – fantasy and LARP enthusiasts will be in heaven. We’ve got leather armor, LARP weapons and Special FX galore. You’ll be more than well prepared for battle.

Dress for success? If the filthy orc can, so can you!

Your crew @ maskworld.com

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