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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Christmas Costume How To, Part I: Become Santa Claus

HOW TO become Santa Claus, Sinter Klaas or Father Christmas in a few easy steps

Hi! I’m Thomas, and I’m the real Santa. Ok, you’re going to see me become Santa Claus – even if my belly doesn’t shake when I laugh and I’m under 35! maskworld is going to show you how to go beyond „Put on Santa hat“ and „Step into Santa suit.“ You don’t have to be a professional make-up artist to use these simple, effective tips. The focus is on my face, because I want to be Santa Claus and not Thomas when we’re finished.

HOW TO become Santa Claus, step by step

1. To make the tip of my nose and my cheeks rosy red (after all, it’s cold and windy in my sleigh), I use red and red madder make-up. With my finger, I dab a little cream make-up onto my cheeks and the tip of my nose without trying to make it look tidy. Don’t use too much – otherwise you might end up looking like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. 2. Fake eyebrows are a good way to disguise and camouflage yourself when they are done well. For my transformation, a white moustache is ideal. I simply cut it in two, trim it to the right size, and use them as eyebrows. Now I brush lots of Mastix spirit gum onto the hair of my eyebrows. If I’ve put too much Mastix on, I can remove some with a cotton bud or spread it onto the skin next to my eyebrows. 3. Now I press a piece of moustache onto each of my own sticky eyebrows. These bushy, white Santa Claus eyebrows look great! But even more important for Santa, St. Nicholas, Father Christmas, and Sinter Klaas is the long, thick, white beard. No white beard, no Santa.
4. For this reason, I’ve chosen to use the magnificent Santa Claus beard. You don’t necessarily need to shave first, but more than 3 days worth of whiskers will prevent the Mastix from doing a good job of holding the beard to your chin. First, I brush lots of Mastix onto my chin. The cheeks come later. As soon as the Mastix is sticky, I firmly press the fake beard onto my chin. 5. Now I brush Mastix spirit gum onto my cheeks, wait a bit, and then press the sides of the beard on. The trick here is to press the net base into the Mastix and not the hair. A comb with a tail helps: I push it along the net and hold the hair away with it (just like parting my hair) and press the net firmly into the Mastix. Now all I need is a white moustache. 6. Instead of sticking on the moustache in one piece, I cut it into two halves. This way, it will stay on better when I move my mouth later. Now I brush on Mastix above my upper lip and use a cotton bud to spread out the spirit gum. IMPORTANT: Laugh while pressing on the moustache! This makes the moustache follow your mouth and lip movements more realistically. And now I have to comb both sides of the moustache together to hide the gap between them.

That’s me with a Santa Claus face

The only thing that’s missing now is a white wig and… I could have just picked up a bag of holiday treats! Not even my own children would recognize me.

As you’ve just seen, it’s easy to become a convincing Santa Claus, Sinter Klaas, Father Christmas or Saint Nicholas. Even if you decide to wear granny’s red flannel pajamas, everyone will believe you are Santa if you follow these easy steps. But of course at maskworld, we can offer you a „real“ Santa costume and the accessories to go with it.

I have to say good-bye now. Christmas is just around the corner!

Warmest holiday wishes, Thomas

Add Santa Claus costume pieces and accessories

Classic Santa stocking cap Santa Claus costume Santa’s bag

Go all the way!

Of course you don’t have to stop at your face. We have many costume pieces and accessories for personalizing your Santa Claus costume. You can’t go out the door without a Christmas stocking cap on your head. And your feet will leave nice prints behind in the snow when they’re in these handsome Santa Claus boots. Santa Claus and Father Christmas prefer to carry around gifts in a stylish Christmas present sack and wear white gloves when pulling them out. And if you think that Santa Claus has to have a big belly, tie on a pillow underneath your red jacket or strap on our comfortable Santa Claus belly.

If Father Christmas and Santa Claus aren’t your thing, parts II and III of our Christmas Costume HOW TO are coming soon.

We’ll show you how to become a busy Christmas elf or a breathtaking Christmas angel. Until then, spend some time in our Christmas shop. You’ll find Christmas costumes and accessories for men, women, kids – and even dogs. Get ready for the season of giving!

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There is 2 comments to "Christmas Costume How To, Part I: Become Santa Claus":

  • Dwayne wrote on Sunday, 19 October 2014 at 10:48 clock

    What wig and beard combo are you using and showing in this demo. thanks

  • sinternoel wrote on Monday, 2 July 2012 at 01:54 clock

    All i can say is WOW.Ive been a Santa for over 18 years.The way i do it is to glue the mustache to my upper lip first with spirit gum Then put on the beard that is held in place with two part straps.One that gose over the head the one the gose under my ears in back of my neck.Then i place on my wig.Being Santa is fun.

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