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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties – Anything Goes!


One of your friends is getting married? Time to plan a party! Experience tells us that (in most cases) such a strong connection can’t be rattled by a little shindig, so give your friend the chance to leave freedom behind with a bang. Throw a bachelor or bachelorette party the likes of which your groom- or bride-to-be has never seen before. We’ll help you with the basics.

The Last Night of Freedom: Party Madness

The most important thing to remember: no pretense, just fun, fun and more fun! Until you pass out. Bride and groom alike should do everything they can while they still can: flirting, drinking and dancing til they drop even if they have to be pushed to take their chances. No holds barred! What helps, of course, are some wild costumes and funny accessories, then it’s easy to throw yourselves fully into the fray. Bachelor & bachelorette parties should be an unforgettable celebration of excess.

Mini Top Hat Hair Band blueCowboy Hat pinkDevil Crazy HelmetMullet High Quality Wig

Ladies & Gents, You Are the Party

Loud is good. And standing out is your ace. Get out your horns, whistles, rattles and anything else you can get rowdy with. Bachelor and bachelorette parties are the ultimate state of exception. Wigs, party glasses and other accessories in loud colors make it loud and clear that YOU are the party! The wackier you look as a group the less the bride or groom can put the blame on you for ending up in drag.
Disco Chest Rug blackhandcuffs-blackSassy Fox Kit pinkWest Glasses pink

Mega Macho or Cross-Dressing? Funny Theme Ideas

The good thing is the groom is completely at your mercy at his bachelor party. Seize the moment and put him in the most ridiculous costumes imaginable. Following the vibe of the evening, turn him into a primitive cave man, Mr. Big Stuff or playboy and off you go to the next strip club. Make fun of the future henpecked husband by dressing him up as a hot dog or hunting trophy. Or more in line with the British tradition, get the groom to show a bit more of his feminine side with a tutu, feather boa and basically anything pink and unmanly. After the fourth bar at the latest he’ll stop pouting and any remaining inhibitions will be long gone.
barbarian-costumeMuscle Chest Shirt CostumeBachelor Pyjama CostumeBear Head Wall Trophy Costume

Farrah WigDrag Queen CostumeOrganza Tutu pinkBrüno Costume

In our creative costume department you’ll find all kinds of ideas for bachelor party group costumes. Go buck wild! Take it back to the basics and go together as beer, bacon and fast food.

Beer Costumehot-dog-costumePizza Pie CostumeStrip of Bacon CostumeTetris I CostumeTetris T CostumeTetris S CostumeTetris L CostumeMorphsuit Gangster Full Body CostumeSuperman Full Body Suit Costumefraternity-toga-costumePlastic Figure CostumeMini Male Stripper CostumeMini Stripper Costumecassette-tape-costumeDrill Costume

Hot Ideas for Bachelorettes

It goes without saying that bachelorettes, too, need to make fools of themselves before tying the knot. They tend to wear accessories such as tiaras, fairy wings and generally skimpy outfits. And a whole lotta glitter make-up to top it off. Ideally, she gets to collect the money you let rain down over her head. Have her sell kisses, condoms, booze and other treats in a sexy costume, after all, she should stand out from the crowd. You’ll see when the bride stands on the street as a sassy bunny or devil temptress she’ll be selling the gems in her vendor’s tray left and right. Or use handcuffs and a ball and chain to symbolize the shackles of marriage. Take them off only when the bride has gotten enough telephone numbers from male passersby. Come up with something creative ladies, you may never get the chance to do something like this for your friend again.

Butterfly Wings rainbowLas Vegas Cigarette Girl CostumeSexy Angel AmorQueen Tiara silverSexy Bunny Lady CostumeDevil Girl CostumeBall and ChainHandcuffs

Bachelorette Party Themes: Bad Taste, Casino & Love Boat

For especially wild bachelorettes, Bad Taste is a fantastic theme for a naughty party. Pull out the nastiest of fashion no-nos you’ve got or deck yourselves out with sequin dresses, crooner outfits or anything that doesn’t go together and party hearty til dawn. Looking for a bit more glam factor? Hit the ATM, get all gussied up and head to the nearest casino. Should you win at roulette, black jack or the slot machine, you’ve got double the reason to celebrate. And if you don’t, well, at least one of you has already won the game of love. Is the bride still raving about the cruise she took 4 years ago? Time to smuggle her back on to the cruise ship with a Love Boat theme party. Anchors aweigh! It’s off to sea you go in hot sailor garb. Book the party boat with a DJ and open bar already.

Seventies Singer CostumeDollar Sign MedallionSexy Lady CostumeLeopard Boots

queen-of-hearts-playing-card-costumesexy-casino-girl-costumeSexy Lady LuckSexy Bardame Costume

Mini Captain HatSexy Sailor CostumeSexy Miss Middy CostumeSexy Captain Costume

One more tip before we sign off: take plenty of photos for evidence. Your memory is bound to be a bit blurred after the fact.

Anything goes!

The Party People @ maskworld.com

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