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A New World of Color

A New World of Color

58 brilliant colors

aqua make-up - Huge color rangeThe wide range of 58 colors contains the most useful skin colors and a broad range of nuances for realizing an infinite number of color themes. maskworld aqua make-up is highly pigmented for high coverage and color brilliance. Working wet-in-wet yields countless mixed tones and gradations.

Simple to use

aqua make-up - Durable, no smearingApply maskworld aqua make-up with a moist sponge or brush. It dries quickly to create a thin, resilient base coat. A few drops of rain or perspiration will not smudge the stable coat of color, so your design and the clothing near it are both safe.

Perfect Coverage

aqua make-up - Perfect Coveragemaskworld aqua make-up is highly pigmented, so when you paint light colors on top of dark colors both colors remain brilliant. After one coat of maskworld aqua make-up dries, simply apply the next one. Most commercial make-up will bleed and produce muddy colors with this technique.

Simple removal

aqua make-up - Simple RemovalOnce on your skin, the colors remain brilliant for hours. maskworld aqua make-up does not smear or smudge and is also resistant to repeated rubbing for brief periods – until you wash it off with lots of water. If there is no water on hand, you can even use a wet wipe – make-up removal has never been this quick and easy!

aqua make-up pearlescent and metallic colors

Pearlescent make-up

aqua make-up - Pearlescent make-up colorsmaskworld aqua make-up pearlescent colors are as dazzling as the precious stones and metals they are named after. These shimmering colors contain mica, a light-reflecting mineral used in many cosmetics. Whether as gleaming effects, color gradations or large areas – maskworld aqua make-up pearlescent colors add radiance!

Metallic make-up

aqua make-up - Metallic aqua make-upMetallic maskworld aqua make-up colors create high gloss shine or the sophisticated accents popular in beauty make-up. The pigments are carefully chosen, so you can even use the metallic colors near your eyes as mascara or in your hair. These colors achieve their rich effects without metallic pigments.

aqua make-up blacklight colors

Neon blacklight colors

aqua make-up - Backlight colorsmaskworld aqua make-up UV-active colors glow under black light. This means they look like fashionable neon colors in normal sunlight. And under black light, they positively glow – a make-up effect for black light theater, pantomime, nightclubs, and parties.

Transparent make-up with blacklight effect

aqua make-up - Transparent make-up with blacklight effectUV-Activator (color code 007) is a concentrated version of the blacklight colors without any pigment. After it dries, it leaves a thin coat on your skin and is almost invisible in daylight. But when it’s exposed to black light, the areas of skin with UV-Activator suddenly glow in vivid blue. You can apply UV-Activator over other colors to make them glow too.

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