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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Zombie Make-up for Halloween

One of the many disadvantages of being a zombie is that your body keeps on decomposing. And zombies aren’t known for having healthy bodies – they’re constantly losing their limbs, cheeks rip off at the drop of a hat, you know the deal. They are nowhere near being able to flirt, either. But they do reap lots of screams at Halloween parties. Especially when soup is on the party menu. With our zombie latex prosthetic pieces – especially the slashed zombie mouth – you can create realistic zombie effects yourself. And skip the rest of the health problems.


For all make-up and special effect work, you need a clean work area and a mirror. Lots of light and warm water also contribute to good results.

To turn into a gruesome zombie, use our:

– Slashed Zombie Mouth latex prosthetic piece
– Cream make-up (we recommend our Wound make-up set
– Mastix spirit gum (12 ml)
– Mastix remover (50 ml)
– Special FX Horror Skin
– Zombie Blood Spray

You will also need:

– a small scissors (nail scissors)
– make-up brushes and sponges (although you can also use your finger)
– a kitchen roll or some make-up towels, and
– a few cotton buds.

If you plan to wear effect contact lenses like our zombie contact lenses or red contact lenses, put them in BEFORE you start applying make-up to the area around your eyes.

Applying the latex prosthetic pieces

Before applying the spirit gum, hold the latex prosthetic pieces to your face to determine where you’ll have to put the spirit gum. Also find out how far you’ll have to cut open the row of teeth to be able to open your own mouth.
Use the nail scissors to cut the row of teeth open as far as required.
Apply a thin film of Mastix to your skin where you’ll need it and spread it around by dabbing it with a brush …
… or a cotton bud until it forms threads. Now you know that the spirit gum is ready to fix the latex on your skin.
Position the wound as planned and use your fingertips to press it down firmly for several seconds.
For perfect transitions between the skin and the latex prosthetic piece, use a cotton bud to apply Horror Skin, a SFX latex milk, to the edges. After it dries, Horror Skin becomes transparent.
Apply setting powder to your slashed zombie mouth, and then apply make-up.
To create horrifying, Hollywood-style effects, fill the recesses of the latex piece with fake blood.


You now look like one of the living dead. Your mother won’t be happy about that. Plan to use effect contact lenses like our zombie effect lenses to give yourself that soul-less expression. And remember to dress for zombie success. You’ll find lots of zombie costumes and accessories in our zombies costume collection.

Practice makes perfect, and you still have a few weeks to get ready for Halloween. Enjoy!

Your crew @ maskworld.com

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