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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas Costume How To, Part III: Christmas Elf

Learn how to become a jolly Christmas elf in a few easy steps

Hi, my name is Randy! You see a Santa costume every time you turn the corner at Christmastime and I was in the mood for something special. So I decided to be a Christmas elf this year.

The transformation is much less complicated than I had feared it would be, so with the help of maskworld I’m going to show you how to become a Christmas elf in six easy steps. I’ve also included a trick or two, because not everyone is a professional make-up artist. As with all of the other Christmas costumes maskworld has shown here, your face is the most important aspect of your Christmas elf costume. And this is how!

How to become a Christmas elf step by step

1. I start with my ears – one at a time – and use the practical applicator to brush Mastix spirit gum onto the place where my ear will touch my face later. I can make it look perfect by first holding a djinn ear to my face without any spirit gum to find the right place for it. Now I brush on a bit of Mastix and use a cotton bud to pat it into my skin. 2. When the Mastix starts to form threads, I put the latex ear onto it and press down firmly. After gluing on both ears, I still have enough time to shift them around to give them a symmetrical arrangement. 3. And I use the same procedure to attach the funny elf nose. Brush on Mastix, pat it into my skin with a cotton bud, press on the nose. Now here’s a good tip: I use some Horror Skin to even out the edges between the latex prosthetic pieces and my own skin. I use it on the nose and both ears.
4. This natural latex milk is transparent when it is dry and creates a seamless transition to my skin. It is also a perfect base for make-up. Even after it has dried, Horror Skin is a bit sticky, so I set it with some transparent powder. 5. A Christmas elf can certainly wear some color in his/her face. With maskworld aqua make-up in a matching skin tone, I paint the latex nose and ears to match my skin and then apply some shading brown to create more depth at my eyes, cheeks and the bridge of my nose. Brilliant red madder fgives my cheeks, my chin, and the tip of my nose a ruddy complexion because it’s winter. 6. After the maskworld aqua make-up has dried, I can apply a light layer of the skin tone again to give the brilliant color accents smoother transitions – this is how make-up artists work for the stage! Eye liner and mascara turn a Christmas elf into a real fairy tale figure.

Now I have a Christmas elf face

That was fun! Now that my face looks the part, I can go out and spread the spirit of the Season of Giving instead of hanging around the workshop building presents. It would be completely unrealistic to think that old, white-bearded man could take care of Christmas all by himself.

Christmas giving calls for tacks, tape, and teamwork – and I’ve got super qualifications!

Here’s wishing you a wonderful, warm holiday season

I’m going to put on my elf suit now and help Santa organize the presents!

Best, Randy

Costume pieces and accessories for your Christmas elf costume

A Christmas elf in rich red & green The right footwear for the job And don’t forget the beard

Go all the way!

If you want to achieve the perfect illusion, maskworld has some colorful options for you – the top-to-toe Christmas elf costume, for example. And if you want to add a funny twist to your Christmas elf character, we can supply the Jester shoes in yellow & red to help. But if Santa has asked you to help him outdoors, we would recommend something more rugged, like our historical buckle shoes in black. If you think the makeover above leaves something to be desired – or have been looking for a good excuse to wear a fake beard for some time – our long goatee beard comes in a range of practical colors. If you need help attaching it to your face, consult the instructions for the beard and the make-up artist trick with the eyebrows in part I of our Christmas Costume How To.

You don’t like the djinn ear look? Check out our entire line of latex ears for large, small, pointed and torn ears, ears, and more ears. Striped tights don’t say „elf?“ No problem – we have tights and pantyhose that go with all elf outfits! And for all the girl elves out there who want to spread the spirit of the season, we can warmly recommend ourSexy Christmas Elf costume. Man’s best friend can even join in and help Santa after he/she puts on our Christmas Elf dog costume.

If you could use some inspiration or make-up tips, read through our other how to articles again: Santa Claus (part I) and Christmas angel (part II).

We have less than two weeks until Christmas now. If you’re looking for inspiration, visit Your maskworld Christmas Shop! We’ve got exciting Christmas costumes, Costumes for Kids & Babies, Christmas Accessories, and more. We wish you a wonderful, relaxed pre-holiday season and lots of success finding the perfect presents for the Season of Giving.

Brought to you by the Christmas elves at maskworld.com

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