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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Black and White Party: Anything But Drab

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Black and White Party: Anything But Drab

For graduation, a big festival or a private function, a black and white party is timelessly trendy. Among young party-goers, „all black“ and „all white“ parties are enjoying ever more popularity. Don’t let the age-old question, “What to wear?” spoil your party spirit. Here we’ve put together a few ideas for black and white costumes and accessories to spark your imagination.

Black and White Party: High-Contrast Good Times

For a Black and White Party the variations on the theme are endless. You can mix black and white to your heart’s content. The only restriction, of course, is: no colors that would distinguish you from a black and white photo. Except for your skin and eyes, of course. Gangster and mafia costumes as well as skeleton costumes and jail uniforms offer an excellent mix of contrasts. Dark costumes combined with white accessories – or the other way around – are sure to strike the eye.
 Sexy Repeat Offender Costume for Your Black and White PartySexy Mobster Costume for Your Black and White PartySkeleton Cat SuitBowling Shirt for Your Black and White PartyPolka Dot Tutu black & whiteGangster Shoes Arm Warmers with Buttons black & white for Your Black and White PartyBlack & White Make-up

Black on Black: The All Black Party

The color black doesn’t have it easy, starting with the fact that it’s not even a color. Science defines black as the “absence of light.” Poor black. And in the Western world it’s associated with mourning. We say, enough of all that talk! After all, there’s nothing more stylish than black clothing and accessories, which is why the All Black Party is such a popular variation on the Black and White Party. Here dark clothing styles are desirable – a true celebration for fans of exquisite costumes. Tailcoat, mini dress or a sexy corset, black is beautiful!
Suit with Tailcoat black for Your Black and White PartyFlapper Girl black CostumeSun-Staches Bling Party GlassesSequin Shoes black

White on White: The All White Party

If black is the absence of light, is white the presence of it? Well, it’s not that easy. Scientifically speaking, white exists when “all three retinal cones of the eye are stimulated in the same way.” Often pigeon-holed as the sterile color of waiting rooms, white, too, gets a bad rap. That white costumes and accessories are both aesthetic and sexy is common knowledge beyond the classic wedding dress. White suits, white wigs and white gloves are exceptionally dapper.
Ghost Countess Costume for Your Black and White PartyToga One Size for Your Black and White Party Colombina Liscia white Venetian Leather Mask for Your Black and White Party Gangster Tie for Your Black and White Party

Here’s to brilliant black and white-hot party vibes!

The Party Brigade @ maskworld.com

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