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The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Costume
The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Costume
Item # 116754

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Costume

Original, licensed costume from "The Walking Dead" cult TV series

Included in delivery
  • The Walking Dead Rick Grimes costume, 4-piece
  • With sheriff shirt
  • With trousers
  • With belt including plastic accessories
  • With hat
  • Without any other costume pieces or accessories shown
Product Description
Wake up to a living nightmare: Rick Grimes sheriff costume from The Walking Dead with hat, sheriff shirt, utility belt, and more! Original licensed costume from the cult TV series!

The hero that slept through the apocalypse: Sheriff Rick Grimes is the hero in cult TV series "The Walking Dead." A shoot-out with criminals puts him in a coma. He wakes up and the world has changed dramatically: the living dead have taken over the streets and they are obsessed with eating the handful of survivors. All alone, Rick starts searching for his family... taking down zombies whenever he can. Sheriff Rich Grimes is a true modern hero. With this original, licensed The Walking Dead Rick Grimes costume, you can become the zombie-slaughtering sheriff. Put on the hat, sheriff shirt with star, trousers, and belt – and wake up to a living nightmare. The utility belt is equipped with a club, a pistol, and Rick's walkie-talkie made of plastic. The name tag on the shirt says it all!

The sheriff star on his shirt may have lost its meaning in the wake of the apocalypse, but to Rick Grimes it still stands for duty and a promise to protect the living with his life, if necessary.

100% polyester
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