Item # 103703

Knight PVC Armor

  • Costume, 7-piece
  • With cuirass
  • With shoulder and arm plates
  • With tassets
  • With gambeson
  • With greaves
  • With helmet
  • With shield
Today you don't need the right lineage or your own horse to become a knight. The only thing you have to have is the right "uniform." Our PVC armor is a six-piece suit. While the helmet with a face guard provides head protection, shoulder, arm and leg plates and tassets protect the rest of this knight's extremities from being pounded into pulp. Underneath his armor, our Knight wears a black gambeson made of 100 percent cotton to ensure a high degree of wearing comfort. Campfire tip: You can also use the shield as a tray or platter!
Gambeson: 100% cotton; armour: plastic
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