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Giant Wizard Costume

Fantastic wizard costume designed by artist Mario Chiodo.

  • Wizard costume, 5-piece
  • With giant mask incl. hat
  • With long robe
  • With stole
  • With a pair of giant hands
  • Without any other costume pieces or accessories shown
Impressive large Giant Wizard costume with hat and long robe With giant mask, long robe, stole and a pair of giant hands.

It look like someone's magic spell backfired here. That is the only rational explanation as to how an ambitious, human wizard could have turned into the giant, fantastic figure our Giant Wizard costume cuts. The fantastic wizard's head is easily twice as large as normal – and is no longer exactly what you'd call human. Just look at those pointed ears and that long, bulbous nose. Ok, at least you can recognize that he is a wizard by what he is wearing on his head: a Phrygian hat with magical stars. The hat happens to be part of the mask. It is lined with foam padding to help it stay on your head and keep its shape while doing so. A long white synthetic beard and moustache cover the wizard's enormous chin and the mask has eye, nose, and ear holes so you can have fun while wearing it. And this mask is not only gigantic, but has a textured surface and is airbrushed to look realistic as well.

Speaking of gigantic: the hands are as disproportionately large as the head. This is why the hands that come with the Giant Wizard costume are on wooden sticks that help you to move them. The Giant Wizard is wearing a floor-length, royal blue robe that ties underneath his beard at the front. The yellow stole around his neck is a symbol of his rank as a high priest of magic. A wonderful, dramatic Giant Wizard costume – no other magic required!

The giant hands measure approx. 69 cm from the forearm to the middle finger. From the peak of the hat to the tip of the beard, the giant mask is approx. 110 cm long.

100% polyester
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